Switch gets YEBIS 3 support

- confirmed by Silicon Studio
- ‘Advance Optical Effects Middleware’ graphics package YEBIS 3 now supports Switch.
- games created with YEBIS 3 include Figureheads, Dark Souls III, MotoGP15, Ride and Dragon Ball Xenoverse

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So the rumors about DS 3 on the Switch might be true

I pray so. I've been wanting it on Switch ever since I started watching the Super Beard Bros let's play of it.XD

Now all Nintendo needs to do is to make Game Maker Studio also work on Switch like PS4 and Xbox and I can start making games for the Switch!

That's for the makers of Game Maker to make that decision/work.
It's quite a minor player in the game engines, so Nintendo doesn't have that much incentive to pursue their support. Dev asking the Game Maker team to do it will be the main motivation for them.

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