PokeVS launches new scanner for Pokemon GO

- new Pokemon GO scanner tells players where they can find hidden Pokemon
- offers unlimited scanning for a fee of $9.99 per month
- offers micro transaction fees on a per location basis
- scans run 24 hours a day
- when a scan is set up in a particular area, anyone viewing the map can view the spawned Pokémon
- this means friends can split the cost of scanning a neighborhood or city
- features a counter of all Pokémon found using its scanner
- started selling ad space on the map itself in an effort to reduce the cost of global scanning

Categories: Mobile
Tags: pokemon, mobile
Games: Pokemon Go


This will get shut down in a few days at most. It's also against the TOS and is considered cheating.

Exactly, and anyone paying for this can only thank themselves for their lost investment when it does go down

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