Dan Adelman frustrated with Nintendo over Axiom Verge Switch situation, vents on Twitter

Dan Adelman used to work for Nintendo, heading up their digital efforts. He's since moved on to other projects, and has been very closely tied to Axiom Verge. He was crucial in bringing the game to various platforms, Wii U included. Adelman and Axiom Verge dev Tom Happ have both said they want to bring the game to Switch, but nothing is official right now.

According to some tweets from Adelman, Axiom Verge could have been ready to go for Switch launch. That's evident from his tweet below.

Now here's where the situation gets a little messy. There's an image floating around out there of a Tweet from Adelman. The tweet says that he's been trying to talk to Nintendo about Axiom Verge hitting Switch for over a year now. Furthermore, the image shows Adelman calling Nintendo "douches". Now I don't know if that tweet was removed, but for the life of me, I cannot find that final tweet. I've come at it from every direction, and I can't even find any proof of it existing. I don't know if the last tweet was faked or just deleted quickly.

Here's what we do know. Adelman and Happ want Axiom Verge on Switch, but it hasn't happened yet. There's no doubt the pair have been in contact with Nintendo about the title. It would seem pretty obvious at this point that they're having trouble making the game happen, and it's not from a lack of trying.

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Tue Apr 25 17 03:29pm
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wow, nintendo hates metroid so much that their disdain extends even to games that are just in the same genre.

I know they previously complained about not being able to get a Switch development kit.

I also know that there are two games where people are vocal frustrated about not being on Switch. But that they have been out for awhile on PS4 -- which could be leading to the delay.

Nintendo seems to want new games or games with added features.

It doesn't seem consistent with Tomorrow Corp though. They managed to port their three games without any trouble.

Didn't they add co-op to the Switch releases of their games? It also probably helps that their games have been Nintendo console-exclusives (the only other platforms they're on are mobile and PC, IIRC).

True. But it does seem that those who gave Nintendo preferential treatment before are getting such treatment now.

cipher dx
Tue Apr 25 17 02:34pm
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His tweet about Nintendo being douches was definitely real, I saw it - and I do sympathise, there's many times I've been annoyed and tweeted or posted something before thinking "that probably wasn't the best thing to do".

Nintendo eShop is obviously more "curated" on Switch and I think I saw a tweet from someone hypothesizing that Nintendo wants to aim for primarily new games, timed exclusives, or games with exclusive content on Switch in the early days. I understand that mindset, but that shouldn't mean ignoring games that don't fit into those categories, like Axiom Verge. If that's what they're doing, I don't like it.

I understand that mindset, but that shouldn't mean ignoring games that don't fit into those categories, like Axiom Verge. If that's what they're doing, I don't like it.

We have no idea what Nintendo is doing. They are curating the eshop, everything is planned out. Axion Verge will most likely come, however my bet is they are focusing on more "friendly" titles at the moment.

I would also think that Nintendo is being bombarded with dev kit requests , and needing to filter them all out.

We actually do know what Nintendo is doing. Damon Baker over at Nintendo was on IGN's podcast and stated that they do want to have either new games or games with exclusive features. As someone posted earlier, it is weird considering that Tomorrow Corp's games are there and Shovel Knight (although the 3rd campaign was timed exclusive). They will most likely open it up later on but it is annoying for this sort of thing to happen. I also don't understand what you mean by "friendly" titles.

IGN Source: https://youtu.be/yUiCnAGnbgA?t=2540

Didn't they also say something about using Switch features? All tomorrow corp games (I believe) use touch screen and motion controls.

Feels like there is something more to this. Many indie devs have been treated like "royalty" with the Switch so its kinda odd that they are having troubles with it considering they are not your "average" indie devs.

Maybe it's because nintendo has something Metroid up its sleeve and doesn't want it to take attention from it or something.

I talked to at least one dev at PAX South that said the same thing. They talked to Nintendo but they just got brushed off. They tried to find a Nintendo rep during PAX and apparently there were only people showing off the Switch, nobody to talk to. I wish I knew what the deal was, so I could at least blame "dev kit production problems" or something... It just seems super bad on Nintendo right now. They could have so much more support right now, but they're turning it all down for some reason...

Well too late for Nintendo, just bought the game with the X1 sale this week. Couldn't wait any longer even though I would have definitely bought on the Switch day one.

Regarding them wanting only new games, how does the NEO GEO arcades game fit into that model?

They don't seem to want ports (according to one developer's Kickstarter update), which might mean games that already ran on other Nintendo systems. The NEO GEO arcade games didn't, so they aren't affected.

While part of it is probably because of Nintendo's odd policies with indies on the Switch, I don't think calling your ex-employers "douches" is the best way to grab their attention.

I hope the game comes out on Switch regardless.

Tue Apr 25 17 03:14pm
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"According to some tweets from Adelman, Axiom Verge could have been ready to go for Switch launch. "

ehm...THE GAME IS HARDLY NEW ANYMORE. IT IS TWO YEARS OLD! People have already played it. Damn it man you seriously lack some common sense.

It doesn't matter how old the game is, it still has to be ported to a brand new console.

I have a list of games that "have to be ported over to a new console" I can send to mr Adelman. Some are over 10 years old but are good enough to be on the switch. Hope he gets cracking then.

Yet at the same time it seems like they're adventurously seeking out certain games to be on Switch, walking up to them in conferences and so forth. It's kind of hard to tell exactly what their strategy is, but there does seem to be one in place, even if it's not ideal for all devs.

Tue Apr 25 17 03:29pm
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wow, nintendo hates metroid so much that their disdain extends even to games that are just in the same genre.

Tue Apr 25 17 03:41pm
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I can relate. I'm making a game exclusively for Switch built in Unity and there's absolutely no word on when Switch Dev Kits will be made available. I understand that I'm a complete nobody, but not getting any response from Nintendo for months really bothers me. The more time goes by the more worried I get that Nintendo doesn't plan on ever making them available to purchase like kits for their other platforms are.

If Axiom Verge is being ignored what chance do I possibly have? People need to contact Nintendo and tell them to get this situation in gear. There are developers out there, including myself, who would like to move forward with their projects and support Nintendo's new system. This isn't going to last forever and Nintendo needs to open the door for these developers while the enthusiasm for the Switch is still a thing.

Tue Apr 25 17 03:46pm
(Updated 1 time)

Part of me feels like this could somehow be traced back to them instead of just Nintendo. We've seen other indie developers easily get onto Switch. Perhaps it's because Nintendo doesn't want to be seen as having favoritism toward a former employee, or perhaps at some point during the attempts to get the game onto Switch the people behind Axiom Verge said or did something to give Nintendo a reason to keep the game from releasing on Switch. Or perhaps Nintendo is just prioritizing games that bring something new to the table. Not necessarily new games, but new content to preexisting games. However if a developer tweeted out that "douches" comment aimed at my company I would be hesitant to give them a shot as it's not like the world is clamoring for a two year old game on the Switch.

Tue Apr 25 17 03:48pm
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I kid you not, the reason why this is, is because Nintendo of America and Europe are coming down hard on what games they do allow make it to the West. If a game released in 2016 on a Nintendo platform, that game can not come to the Switch until late 2018, early 2019, as Nintendo doesn't want to fill it up with (get ready to love this) "ports." If it released in 2015 and it was well received then they will say yes, but while NoE says yes, NoE can say no. As for Nintendo in Japan, they don't care and will allow anything, regardless of what year it came in. Were Happ and Adelman to try getting the likes of Flyhigh Works to port the game for them, it wouldn't be as much of an issue as it is being made out.

Also WINDSORG don't worry about devkits, in Feb Nintendo actually ran very low on them and had to stop giving them out until they had more supply.

Tue Apr 25 17 05:55pm
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I would actually love to see some citation for this claim. It's believable, but I want to arm myself of this knowledge outside of, "Someone said so on the internet."

I have to defend Nintendo on this one. Adelman has been plain harsh on Nintendo since they let him go, then, complained that the Wii U was struggling to run Axiom Verge well(... it's a freaking 2d pixel art game; even a cheap phone could run those), and now this. I know Nintendo was a 'douche' with indies before, but that changed after 2014 and since than, they are more than flexible with them. Adelman is still resentful for what Nintendo had done to him...

Tue Apr 25 17 05:25pm
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In fairness, 2D pixel games can absolutely have issues regardless of how powerful the machine is, depending what is going on.

That new Kamiko game on Switch suffers lag when too many enemies spawn in the one stage while it rains, and that game is way simpler visually than Axiom Verge.

There are a lot of factors, and they aren't the same as NES & SNES games despite looking the same.

Most new 2d pixel games are not doing anything much more advanced than what was going on back in the SNES days. Sure, some more particles, more enemies, more graphical effects. That is true. But the reason that they lag is because of inefficiencies in the engine or the way they are using the engine or in their code. There is no reason Kamiko must lag on Switch. That game is very old school. There is nothing it does that is so advanced that it is justifiable that it lags.

I love how people keep talking about how Nintendo is "highly curating" the Switch eShop. As if it ISN'T just going to fill up with garbage like WiiWare and 3DS/U eShop did. That isn't to say that those services didn't have great games on them, they did. But Switch eShop will eventually flood with worthless crap games, just the same as before.

As for Axiom Verge, I can understand. Nintendo is all for "ports" like Shovel Knight and World of Goo and Cave Story and Binding of Isaac. But NOT this, which is not only a super-successful game on almost every platform it's been on, but that has been successful on Wii U. Simply makes little sense. Especially considering that Switch's launch was a relative desert, so having a big indie title like this, would have been nice.

But hey, people are going to defend every dumb move Nintendo makes, no matter how little sense they actually make, right? I love Nintendo for their history, but let's not pretend they HAVEN'T made a progressive string of just plain dumb decisions over the last several years (including their handling of Wii U as a console in general).

aurora unit
Tue Apr 25 17 04:10pm
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The "highly curating" comments are based on remarks made by various developers. The "port" of Shovel Knight included a timed exclusive mode, Binding of Isaac contained the Afterbirth Expansion which didn't make it onto the Wii U. And your wording makes it sound as though Shovel Knight, World of Goo, Cave Story and Binding of Isaac were failures (as opposed to the "super-successful" Axiom Verge) which is hardly true.
This is not about "defending every dumb move Nintendo makes" but instead using and sharing information we have that might explain their actions. That doesn't mean we have to agree..
And people who just keep decrying every move Nintendo makes as dumb are just as bad as those that keep defending each one.

Tue Apr 25 17 05:28pm
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Despite all this curating, they allowed "Vroom in the night sky", which is new & I believe exclusive, but it is pretty awful from my understanding, in virtually every aspect.

Well that's dandy, because I don't decry every move. However, it is worth pointing out that in recent years, Switch Hype or not, that there has been more to decry than to praise out of the Nintendo camp.

And I never commented on the previous success of those other games. I merely pointed out the hypocrisy of putting considerably older ports like World of Goo and Cave Story, which I have NO PROBLEM with them being on Switch eShop, but NOT doing the same for Axiom Verge.

If I were Nintendo, I would want every solid, reputable game on my console, digital or otherwise, that I could get. And then blocking AV from being on the system, regardless of their reasons, is just plain stupid on their part, no matter how it's spun. Which is why I pointed that fact out.

And neither were the people on this forum defending every move of NIntendo but instead merely trying to understand this one.. And it's not really worth pointing out that there has been more to decry than to praise since lots of people leave not the slightest opportunity out to keep reminding us and insulting anyone who doesn't share their views as blinded fanboys or whatever. So how about leaving out the sneering tone of voice next time? That would truly be dandy.

Nobody had any "sneering tone of voice". That's is 100% projection on your part, sorry to say. And I never stated that people in THIS specific thread, were defending Nintendo's every move. But it IS, sadly, a phenomenon that exists online, and has for many many years now. I know because I have in fact experienced it recently, on this very site.

I shared my opinion, and I'm welcome to it, just like anyone else. I am not someone who is overly negative on purpose, nor do I go out of my way attacking other people for THEIR opinions. But I HAVE been attacked, even on this site, for pointing out simple truths/criticisms, and having, as you say, "Nintendo Fanboys" attack me for daring to criticize them at all.

When Nintendo starts proving that they can once again CONSISTENTLY make good/positive/smart decisions, on a regular basis again, and they start giving me more reasons to applaud rather than jeer them, then I absolutely will. Until then, I'll continue to be critical of things that I feel deserve criticism.


aurora unit
Wed Apr 26 17 05:46am
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In "I love how people keep talking about how Nintendo is "highly curating" the Switch eShop." you obviously reference the people in this forum doing so. Later you conclude with "But hey, people are going to defend every dumb move Nintendo makes, no matter how little sense they actually make, right?" There was no reason to suspect a subject change, so I'm afraid it's not a problem of faulty interpretation on my part but of simple grammar. And the latter quote also serves as some proof of the "sneering tone of voice" that you claim to be 100% projection on my part.
Sorry. But I'll also continue to be critical of things that I feel deserve criticism.

This is very disheartening to hear.

And I believe Nintendo can be a shitty company to work with for whatever reasons. After all it sometimes even is a shitty company to deal with if you are are a customer and fan. And there are voices and whispers that state Nintendo isnt all that nice to indies as it might appear with all that "greenwashing" they are doing considering their treatment of small developers.

I would have bought that game in blink of an eye. Having it portable would have been amazing. But hell theres not much to play on Switch now and the MK8 port doesnt set the world on fire for most because we all played it to death aready and Street Fighter 2 after that... man its as iconic as it is dusted.

I might just sell my Switch again and build a Rapsberry Pi Retro Machine.

Eh... not very professional. Kind of makes him look like a douche himself.

To be honest it's absurd how they're biased towards Japanese developers (letting literally anyone from Japan publish, as shown by that vroom shovelware game) and are overly picky and sensitive about western eShop devs...

Like, if people want the dev kit and can make a game, give them the damn dev kits and let them publish if they have the money.

Maybe dev kits need to be made and are not in unlimited supply? Just a thought...

It's true they can't be crapped out of nowhere (like the switch/NES Classic units themselves, as they take time) but at the very least they should have them on a list or in constant contact, letting them know when they'd get a unit, how to use it, etc etc. They aren't even getting that.

Tue Apr 25 17 07:59pm
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Poor move by Nintendo. They need all the games they can get. Every day that this game isn't on the eShop is sales going out the window if it's already available on competing and more popular platforms.

Being selective about who they let develop for Switch and what games they'll bring is fine. Wii U and 3DS were so open that all sorts of junk got through. It was admirable of them to be so lenient but it didn't help the reputation of the eShop. It was like Steam Greenlight in many situations only these games just went straight to being on the store front.

That said, being picky here is ridiculous. If a developer just wants to bring a straight port of an acclaimed game with no bells or whistles, no exclusive stuff, so what? I would buy this game again to have it portable. If it's a good game just let it on there.

Can we even confirm that Nintendo's entirely to blame for this "curating" that is apparently happening? Or is this one of those thing where we see no games so clearly this is Nintendo's doing?

All we have to go on, is the fact that the guy said the game would be on Switch right now, but Nintendo denied them a dev kit or whatever.

So most of us here are just taking the Nintendo-being-dickish claims as whole truths and responding as such?

Seems unproductive to me.

I'm not going to sit around and lay total blame at Nintendo's feet, and act like they're horrible people.

However, it is undeniable that it is silly that old games like World of Goo and Cave Story are being ported to Switch just fine, but this game that only came out on Wii U last year, and has done well on it by all accounts, isn't. The details are whatever. It's just a silly situation, IMO.

It's ridiculous that this is even going on with a game of this quality! I don't care if it's a port or not. And knowing it could've been available launch day?? There's no rhyme or reason why Nintendo would hold them back on this game! Switch needs games and fast! We Don't want a Wii U repeat!

I hate to say so, but I fear that, for as much crap as people gave Iwata at times for some of his decisions, some of which did in fact lead to the Wii U's failure, I will say that I also have felt for awhile now, that Nintendo's decision making and policies seem to have gotten worse, and less "fan friendly", after Iwata's passing. He was a one of a kind guy in this industry, who was both an actual developer himself, and a gamer, who understood what other gamers like and want. That doesn't mean he was perfect, but I do believe that he genuinely tried to do what was best for Nintendo fans, not just for Nintendo's bottom line.

I hope I'm wrong, but the post-Iwata Nintendo certainly feels as if it has lost that certain intangible "something", and I miss it.

Well ... okay. When they get it out for Switch, I'll be buying it, so hopefully that is soon.

While the situation is disheartening, I am not sure that "going public" (and seemingly "making it personal") are effective strategies.

If you look at the "ports" -- they are either older games that have been enhanced or newer games that are still very popular. They are also generally by people who have made many games and/or worked well with Nintendo in the past.

This particular game was exclusive to another console maker for a time and is the only game from this developer. (It came to WiiU and XB1 18 months after being on PS4 and PC and 6 months after Vita).

It is funny, the other developer of a "big" game (n++) who has said that Nintendo didn't want its game has changed their tune.

Maybe you get "more flies with honey than with vinegar."

EDITED TO CORRECT SAYING -- though you probably get more flies with sugar than with vinegar too!

Not that it matters much, but... The expression is catching more flies with honey than vinegar

Wed Apr 26 17 11:39am
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Is there really a need for speculation on "if Nintendo is doing this because they are curating the content coming to Switch eShop" when they've explicitly stated as much and so have the hordes of indies who are developing for the console?

Also, if you think Nintendo is hard to work with or mean to indies, I suggest you look at comments from all the indies who are working on the platform who say the exact opposite.

Listen, I may not agree with them in not prioritizing getting AV on Switch around launch, but they've stated that (for the most part) they are mostly concerned with getting games that fall into certain categories: New games, exclusive games, enhanced ports, or games that use features of the console (motion, touch, HD rumble.) So then, isn't it entirely possible that they didn't give a devkit to them yet because the game doesn't fall into one of those categories and there are a limited amount of devkits and internal Nintendo support resources to go around?

Again, do I want AV on Switch? Yes. Do I also understand that Nintendo might have other priorities that rank higher than a 2 year old game that might not be anything more than a straight port? Yes. Maybe if they had plans to add Switch exclusive features or content, Nintendo would bump them up the list further.

Remember, Adelman and the dev team prioritized getting the game launched on every platform (including Vita) months and months before it debuted on Wii U, so just like they had their own set of priorities, so does Nintendo.

This is probably the best level-headed response I've read on the subject.


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