Nintendo FY2016 results - Switch hits 2.74 million sold, Zelda: BotW hits 3.8, full revenue details & more

- Zelda: Breath of the Wild sold 2.76 million units on Switch worldwide
- Zelda: Breath of the Wild Switch + Wii U sales worldwide sits at 3.84 million units
- 1-2-Switch has been "generating buzz"
- Switch sold 2.74 million units
- Switch software sold 5.46 million units
- predicting 10 million Switch units sold from April 2017 to March 2018
- predicting 35 million units of Switch software sold from April 2017 to March 2018
- predicting 6 million units of 3DS hardware sold from April 2017 to March 2018
- predicting 40 million units of 3DS software sold from April 2017 to March 2018
- predicting 3 million units of Wii U software sold from April 2017 to March 2018
- Pokemon Sun/Moon sales are at 15.44 million units
- Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS sold 2.34 million units
- Kirby: Planet Robobot sold 1.36 million units
- worldwide sales volume for the Nintendo 3DS hardware this period was 7.27 million units
- this is a 7% increase on a year-on-year basis
- 3DS sold 820k in 4th quarter
- 3DS software sold 8.3 million in 4th quarter
- 3DS software sales volume reached 55.08 million units (14% increase on a year-on-year basis)
- Wii U software sales volume during this period was 14.8 million units (46% decrease on a year-on-year basis)
- Wii U hardware sales were 760 thousand units (77% decrease on a year-on-year basis)
- amiibo sales hit 9.1 million units for figure-type and 9.3 million units for card-type
- amiibo total lifetime sales worldwide are 82.5
- figure-type amiibo have sold 44.3 million and card-type amiibo have sold 38.2 million
- digital sales were down to a large extent on the same period last year
- operating profit of 489.0 billion yen against net sales of 29.3 billion yen
- 73.4% of the total sales were overseas
- 50.3 billion yen share of profit of entities accounted for using the equity method related to The Pokémon Company and other investments, resulting in an ordinary profit of 20.2 billion yen
- due to the sale of part of the equity in the Mariners, Nintendo sales of investment securities totaled 64.5 billion yen as extraordinary income
- net profit attributable to owners of parent was 102.5 billion yen
- total assets increased by 172.0 billion yen compared to the prior fiscal year-end to 1,468.9 billion yen
- total liabilities increased by 82.0 billion yen compared to the prior fiscal year-end to 218.0 billion yen
- net assets increased by 90.0 billion yen compared to the prior fiscal year-end to 1,250.9 billion yen
- ending balance of “Cash and cash equivalents” (collectively, “Cash”) as of March 31, 2017 was 330.9 billion yen
- this saw an increase of 72.8 billion yen during the fiscal year
- during the prior fiscal year, there was a decrease of 23.4 billion yen
- 114.7 billion yen of profit before income taxes and other factors
- net cash resulted in an increase of 19.1 billion yen compared to an increase of 55.1 billion yen during the prior year
- Net cash from investing activities increased by 69.5 billion yen compared to a decrease of 71.7 billion yen during the prior year
- net cash from financing activities decreased by 14.4 billion yen compared to a decrease of 2.9 billion yen during the prior year
- Nintendo will maintain favorable conditions surrounding Switch by providing a continuous stream of appealing third-party titles across varying genres
- the aim is to stimulate the platform and expand sales going into the holiday season this year
- total sales volume for the Nintendo 3DS hardware worldwide has surpassed 66 million units
- with 3DS, Nintendo will strive to maintain the momentum of the platform and to reach a broader audience, including females and children, across the world
- with mobile, Nintendo will provide new game applications and also content updates for existing titles
- project a net sales of 750.0 billion yen, an operating profit of 65.0 billion yen, an ordinary profit of 60.0 billion yen and a net profit attributable to owners of parent of 45.0 billion yen

Nintendo strives to create new and unique forms of entertainment while maintaining a robust business structure. Nintendo places the highest emphasis on providing consumers with innovative entertainment that has never been experienced. With the belief in our mission to put smiles on people's faces around the world through products and services, our company group will focus on expanding the population that can experience Nintendo IP by offering products that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, gender or gaming experience.

In accordance with our basic strategy, we will drive continual growth for Nintendo by expanding the dedicated video game business and establishing the smart-device business. For our dedicated video game business, our unique hardware-software integrated business with focus on software will continue to constitute the core business for Nintendo and we will actively seek to invest resources in our Nintendo-specific platform business.

In order to expand the scope of our business, we will seek to strengthen our business foundation, generate synergy with our dedicated video game business and maximize business for Nintendo as a whole by building our smart-device
business into one of our major pillars of profit.

In addition to our gaming business, we are also making active use of Nintendo IP by providing theme park attractions using our characters, showing off our characters through video content and merchandising, and in collaborations with our partner companies.

Through these efforts, we are hoping to pursue every business possibility and add value to our company by actively offering Nintendo IP in a variety of different ways so that not only current players of our video games but all consumers - including those who used to play our games but currently do not and even those who have never played our video games before - can experience Nintendo IP.

We will continue to flexibly transform ourselves by adapting to changing times while constantly valuing the spirit of originality based on the belief that the "true value of entertainment lies in its uniqueness" - and will endeavor to continue providing products and services that people will be surprised and delighted by.

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Official Sales Expectations for Breath of The Wild going forward:

Thu Apr 27 17 03:27am
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Yeah, Switch will totally surpass the Wii-U lifetime sales in about a year. I have high hopes for the new console.

And while I do not care much for being on the 'winning console', it will be nice if Nintendo can get back up there, so to speak, so maybe put a end to most of this negativity that has infested the gaming community for years now.

So nice to see some positive Nintendo news. ^^

Looks like Botw met Nintendo's expectations as predicted.

Good news for Planet Robobot too!

Overall, this is really great news for Nintendo. I have no doubts that the 3DS can easily sell around 75 million at max and the same goes to Switch as it will sell 20 million by end of this year!

Meanwhile...where's Fire Emblem sales?

Official Sales Expectations for Breath of The Wild going forward:

Thu Apr 27 17 07:29am
Rating: 1

Thank you for the Switch, ghost of Iwata. 😭

He deserves all of the credit and it's about the right time for this meme make a comeback. Iwata's force ghost is pleased.

Nintendo is Doomed. Game over. Time to close up shop.

Obviously. I don't even know why they bother anymore.

and yet...only NIS, a company making budget JRPGs has committed (and with only a few of its titles - the number of games they have released on the PS3 is INSANE)

slim pickings for third party support once more eh nintendo? Or is it too early for anyone to say ANYTHING?

I'd say it's mostly hesitation, given the history of the last two Nintendo consoles in particular.

With Wii U, the system had a slow start (the Switch sold more in one month than the Wii U in two, and that was the holiday season for Wii U!), and never really recovered from that. Third party games were mostly ignored (though, you could place some of the blame on the third parties for delayed, full-priced ports... sometimes with missing content).

With Wii, while console sales were high, serious third party efforts were mostly ignored. Mostly, the "casual" games found any commercial success, outside of Nintendo's own. Not to mention, the difference in console power was too great between the Wii and its direct competitors.

Not to say the Switch won't have its own challenges (especially in regards to hardware strength), but I am hopeful that Nintendo acts wiser with its third party relationships this time around.

Thu Apr 27 17 08:10am
Rating: 1

I am not hopeful when I read this


when indies already moan with unjustified preferences on some indies...this is NOT good. Their strategy is beyond ridiculous. They are trying to quality control and they are making a far bigger mess of things. Coupled this with the non existence of third parties, the future is NOT bright people.

I'm taking comments like those with a grain of salt. Too often, I've seen indie developers act like they expect the red carpet treatment. Really, only Nintendo would be able to explain why they're doing things the way they are.

If true, it's a pretty dumb move on Nintendo's part. They need all the quality games they can get.
If false, it's just painting the Indies as being mad for not getting preferential treatment.

you have a point, yet I don't remember reading similar articles about Sony's stance on their eshop. Even microsoft are not getting any bad press apart from a few articles that stated they were not doing as much as sony on being open to indies during the 360. But both platforms have a steady output of indie games (ranged from great to below average of course). With nintendo, I got to read quite a few good and bad ones with many of the bad ones during the god awful wiiware era and if some companies treat indies better and not nintendo, we got a problem...

for me, there is little incentive to get indies on nintendo platforms. Sony do cross buys, they have (actually quite recently) been doing some great discounts, they offer achievements so that my friends can see how far in the game i have been (and NOT for bragging wrights), more consoles to run the games on (ie 2 PS3s 3 Vitas) and Microsoft have a similar flexibility with account transfers and the wiiu's features hardly ever justified a purchase on that console. If i belong in the minority fine, if not, THEY NEED TO ADDRESS THESE ISSUES NOW, because otherwise I may have to say "told you so" when eshop sales falter.

Thu Apr 27 17 10:44am
(Updated 1 time)

There's actually only one indie with a lot of negativity in that article, and his comments are specifically tied to NoA (actually all of the comments are about NoA). Even that indie never said "they denied us the game". They said "they haven't responded to my requests, I keep getting formal automated responses even though I know them well" essentially. It looks like NoE is doing a good job (you only hear praise from the European devs), and the sentiment from a lot of folks in that article is that NoA is clearly understaffed but these kinds of problems have happened at Sony & MS too. Adelman and Tom Happ just clarified there is no "no ports for Switch" rule, which goes against some of this narrative as well. Basically I think it's a lot of miscommunication as opposed to actual ill-will on Nintendo's part. It should be fixed nevertheless.

I was waiting for someone to somehow make this negative. This is Gonintendo after all. What would this comment section be without at very least one person pressing pessimistic nearly anti-nintendo views. Nice to see that at very least we have different opinions here even of I don't agree in the slightest.

Thu Apr 27 17 08:45am
Rating: 1

feel free to disagree but let me remind you that the wiiu sold 3 million on its first months as well. 3.2 sold the Wii on its first 3 month period. So the numbers mean nothing for now, they were ALL expected. What worries me is their broken bonds they got with pretty much every company on earth and their reluctance to do anything about it.

And Gonintendo is not a place where non apologists get exiled by zealots no. Thank God for that.

Those numbers mean very little without context. The Wii U still had plenty of units at stores, and by this time we started seeing the sharp drop in demand and scalpers started to return the product. The Wii was just totally sold out even as Nintendo ramped up production and Wii Sports, Wii Play & Zelda were all doing really well. So far, the Switch is no Wii U. I don't think the Switch is as crazy as the Wii by any means, but given Nintendo's reasonable production so far, it's still easily sold out and looking at the #s we get from Japan, it's holding super steady (selling out of the 40-45K Nintendo ships each week) even without any releases (MK8Deluxe will likely increase demand).

As an example, the Switch sold more in March 2017 in the US than the Wii U sold in both Nov & Dec 2012. It also sold more than the 3DS's 1st 5 months in 2011 in the US. It's a promising start, and hopefully it'll continue.

Hey man im Phrasing you for your harsh criticism.

Go nuts. You're like Joe Jackson. Sure he beat his kids, but he made them into a successful band and even the most successful pop artist of all time.

I wouldn't do it, but I'm not Joe Jackson.

Critique and negativity towards Nintendo doesn't mean you're anti-Nintendo, it means you're worried, if the critique or concern is legitimate.

It still amazes me after all these years how GoNintendo is run by one of the absolute friendliest dudes (RMC) who states his views but remains impartial and listens attentively to all views and opinions, and discusses them.
And yet all I ever see in the comments is 90% of its common commenters taking extreme views of each side of the coin.

If it's not calling T27Duck or others a "hater" for being slightly more critical than others of their business practices, it's people telling others their opinions, important word being opinions that they're wrong for being "fanboys" "haters" "apologists" etc.

Thu Apr 27 17 09:43am
(Updated 1 time)

But Gonintendo..atleast according to their comment rules won't tolerate people who are jerks though so trolling is kinda being a jerk isn't it.

Still that being aside, I don't see how Nintendo with Indies has anything to do with this shareholders meeting one bit.

On top of all this, do you even realize that tons of indie games are plain shovelware..and yes that includes even retailers too? This is one way that Nintendo is trying to remove games that aren't good or are going to do well.

Steam is also strict on this with their greenlight being harsh at times.

Thu Apr 27 17 10:10am
(Updated 1 time)

"Steam is also strict on this with their greenlight being harsh at times."

No, steam is far more relaxed than they should have with 40% of all steam content being released in 2016. Yet they have no competition (GoG is currently irrelevant) from other FAR bigger eshop libraries like sony and microsoft that nintendo has (and always had)

The connection with the topic being, numbers mean nothing. The indie article posted today is FAR more worrying to the future of the console than a good launch. The WiiU as iwata stated "lost its momentum" when companies stopped caring so NOW is a good time to do things right.

and it really annoys me when people call trolling just having a different opinion. Trump has really devalued democracy over there it seems.

Well you were kinda being a troll on the Emulator topic remember?

If you're worried about the indie thing(which really isn't a big deal but whatever...) then you'd best wait until Nintendo fixes indie problems since NoA is deeply in charge with most of the indie development.

Thu Apr 27 17 12:19pm
(Updated 1 time)

I can assume you are being a troll by not allowing any other opinions rather than the ones you believe yourself. This is a form of fascism mind you.

Indies are a big deal as many games are not released on retail and start to generate a considerable income and anyone looking forward will see that digital distribution is the way of the future.

And if anyone hopes the operation rainfall reggie to fix anything, well good luck with that. After all these years, the guy still thinks he is selling Guiness beers and Chinese food. He is a terrible COO with Iwata having to personally step in but he sadly passed away. So the US are out of luck.

not that NCL are more relaxed on the indie scene I mean look at the anemic WiiU eshop jap lineup. But if you try to apply old business practices on the current age...THIS happens.

Thu Apr 27 17 12:12pm
(Updated 1 time)

"Critique and negativity towards Nintendo doesn't mean you're anti-Nintendo, it means you're worried, if the critique or concern is legitimate."

Yes. And it's the same from the positive crowd where some would praise Nintendo (or Sony, or MS) for anything they do and defend them to death. But when the negative side acts like Nintendo tortured, raped and killed their puppy dog when they were kids, it also gets frustrating and sure borders to trolling, if not way beyond.


Now I am very happy to see Nintendo back in action with the Switch. Iwata's legacy even (under the strong hand of Kimishima). But a great start is only the first big step. We all agree that they have to keep momentum. And with taht I think mostly great games. I think exclusives are going to do a lot of good for the Switch (it sure has for the PS4) but keep some key multiplats coming. And all the online stuff...Netflix and paid service and bonuses, VC etc... If they hit all that they can have a good selling system on their hands.

But at least we can now see how some good amrketing can actually help a console ;)

"it also gets frustrating and sure borders to trolling, if not way beyond."

Essentially labels are wrong. The whole situation is entirely subjective, apparently this site does value a wide variety of opinions and yes reading too many conflicting points can be frustrating but as long as it does not get personal (ahem...) you can keep arguments in a civilized manner and no one gets offended. Of course some are offended at the mere critique of nintendo but...there is nothing I can do about that

we are all here for the same thing. Voice our opinion about current developments and IF we are lucky, some may pick up on these critiques and do something about it.

and despite all these numbers, Nintendo have never been worse concerning third party support in their entire history. The WiiU started out with a significant support which disappeared and ALL these numbers is a pledge to get that support back. Yet I hear nothing from ANYONE and the indie scene is...well today's news was not that great.

If everyone turn right it does not mean that direction is the correct one. sometimes it's just marketing.

I agree. Which is why I choose my words very carefully. I never categorised anyone as anything. Re-read my comment and you'll see that.

Thu Apr 27 17 10:35am
(Updated 1 time)

NIS has been primarily Sony focused even when Nintendo's consoles/handhelds were doing gangbusters. The fact they gave Nintendo a port of their latest game was pretty new. At the same time, they are nowhere near the barometer for third party support. Even if NIS went all-in on Switch support, although it'd be nice, it'd mean very little.

All the different terms they use as it relates to revenue, gross profit, net income, etc is confusing, but they all sound good! lol

FYI, RMC I think you got net sales and operating profit mixed up. 29.4 billion yen was their operating profit, 489.1 billion yen was their net sales.

Thu Apr 27 17 10:27am
Rating: 1

Thank you. I thought those numbers looked a bit off.

Thu Apr 27 17 02:22pm
(Updated 4 times)

I was told that Nintendo and the Switch were doomed because they waited until October to officially announce the console.

Then I was told they were even more doomed and no one would buy Switch because they were going to wait until January to fully reveal the console.

Then I was told Nintendo was doomed and the Switch wasn't going to sell because it was just the Wii U all over again and Nintendo never learns.

Now I'm sitting here looking at a still-sold-out console that is outpacing Wii, Wii U, and 3DS and a launch game that had over a 100% attach rate. In the current outlook (both inside and outside the company) it will come close to or surpass the lifetime sales of their previous console in the next year. So, with all due respect to the concerned fans, I'm going to remain skeptical of the current doom talk.

(Do I think Nintendo can just pack it up and not worry about the future of Switch? Absolutely not. They need to keep building on the success of their console and continually drive it forward. But I'm also not going to get my undies in bunch over one indie being upset their friendship with Nintendo didn't automatically entitle them to getting their port greenlit for Switch. Especially when there are 70+ indies working on Switch as we speak, and many of them have went on record with glowing praise for the process and working with Nintendo. There are limited internal resources and devkits available during the early days of a console. Nintendo decided on a set of priorities for their digital storefront and they are executing that plan. We'll see how it works out in the end, but the October announcement, the January reveal, and the console as a whole have all seemed to go pretty well for them thus far, so at this point they probably deserve some benefit of the doubt as well as the opportunity to keep rolling out their Switch business in the way they want.)

Anyway, good for Nintendo! A solid showing so far, and as a fan and gamer, I hope it continues. Good luck! I know there's going to be missteps and things I don't agree with along the way (they are perpetually doomed, after all,) but hopefully the forest continues to thrive despite a few fallen trees.

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