Analysts see bright future for Nintendo, think Nintendo's Switch sales estimates might be conservative

"Nintendo’s 10 million forecast is too cautious and more than 15 million units could be sold during the current fiscal year." - Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda

Coming from Macquarie Capital Securities analyst David Gibson

- expects Nintendo to earn ¥137 billion operating profit in the current fiscal year
- this is assuming it sells more than 14.5 million Switches over the period
- this also would include revenue contributions from Nintendo-made game software for the Switch and smartphones

I don't think there's anything wrong with being conservative. We all remember how the Wii U went. Let's just hope that Nintendo didn't overestimate demand with the Switch. Hitting that 10 million marker in this fiscal year would be oh-so sweet.

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I think they can reasonably expect to sell at least 4-5 million during the holiday season.

So 4-5 million, plus the ~3 million+ they have already sold means they would only have to sell 2-3 million between now and the holidays.

I'm kinda surprised to see all of these analysts with such positive outlooks for the Switch... especially given the usual doom and gloom that surrounded Nintendo's future for the past... I dunno, decade or so?

I mean, it's entirely possible that they could eclipse the Wii U's lifetime sales in one year, as long as they keep the good games coming, and don't allow for extended hardware shortages.

Thu Apr 27 17 04:42pm
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Better to be conservative than to overestimate like going from 9 million Wii Us to 2.8 million. Even more embarrassing was their internal estimates of 100 million Wii Us sold before it even launched.

10 million already looks hard to reach imo, so who knows

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