Nintendo no longer repairing original 3DS systems

Coming from Nintendo's info page about 3DS repairs...

Note About Original Nintendo 3DS Repairs: Nintendo no longer offers factory repairs for the original Nintendo 3DS system. Newer Nintendo 3DS family products (including the Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS) are still being repaired.

If you have an original model 3DS and it craps the bed, it seems you're out of luck. You'll have to go with a local fix-it shop or send away online to somewhere else.

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What? Isn't it a bit too soon? Is it impossible to buy a new one now?
At least, I've bought a New 3DS as my original one sometimes stopped powering up... so I won't need repairs on it. But weird.

I find it a bit odd myself, but it has been 6 years... which is actually longer than they supported the original model DS. (Funny thing was, they supported the GBA SP even after they stopped supporting the OG DS.)

In term of years, I agree, but it's still a platform that is alive with new games released. That's why I was a bit surprised.

It's been impossible to buy a new OG 3DS since 2015, I believe.

Hum ok. Make sense. So there was no way to buy a normal sized 3DS for a year in NA, before they FINALLY released the New version? Eh...

The New 3DS was released in 2015 though.

Sat Apr 29 17 11:19pm
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Not the normal sized one with the plates in NA. It only came here last black friday with a special price of 99$ (140$ in Canada). Before that we only had the one with the best sales projections, the XL. I know, I really wanted it for the plates but it wasn't out here. Sad And now the plates I wanted can't be found at a reasonable price. Should have bought them right when they were released... (the Kyaryu Pamyu Pamyu ones with the eyes)

Wait, does that mean they also don't repair DS Lites anymore? Crud, I'm not joking when I say I've been holding off on sending mine in for ages now. (Due to worm out shoulder buttons)

Not sure why the downvotes. The length of time Nintendo offered repairs on the original 3DS is more than generous. This is a non-issue to be honest.

This does not effect newly purchased original 3DS systems as they come with a 12 month warranty

That's kind of messed up. I understand that they have limited resources but didn't they still repair the original NES until about 2006 or so? I find this to be kind of bizarre considering that we are still in the 3DS' life cycle. It's kind of a slap in the face to those that have stayed loyal to the original hardware to be honest.

Sat Apr 29 17 09:38pm
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Probably because the NES features many off-the-shelf components, while the 3DS has a lot of custom made hardware. Or maybe they just had a large surplus of parts.
The O3DS's been discontinued for about two years now, so they probably ran out of necessary parts for repairs.

Good point. It still seems like a pretty odd decision though. Maybe not from a fiscal standpoint but from a customer service point of view.

Sat Apr 29 17 10:01pm
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Considering how long Nintendo gave repairs to the Original DS as well (they only stopped repairing it last year) I really assume they just don't have the necessary parts anymore.


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