Miis lose their range of expressions in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Looks like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has lost one feature the Wii U version had. People are noticing that the Mii faces in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe just don't show the range of emotions they did in the Wii U version. Mii faces in the Switch version seem to remain the same during the entire race, whereas on Wii U, they would react to what was going on with your character. Could be a bug, or could be removed content. Either way, it can be a bit creepy!


If it isn't a bug, I wonder why they would get rid of em. Weird for sure.

I don't really mind, per se, especially since Miis have always felt a bit lifeless next to the rest of the Mario cast in these games. But that is an interesting decision, provided it's not a bug.

Sat Apr 29 17 03:43pm
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I miss being able to see what states people are playing from in the US. It just says United States next to the name before online matches now.

I'm honestly a little relieved. Since day 1 on the Wii it's bugged me how they've done expressions on the Mii which was really just adjusting the Mii with other Mii settings. They would change the mouth and tilt the eyes to show sadness or anger which always looked bad, especially since the brows didn't move and they eyes would sometimes clip through the brows.

I'm pretty sure it must be that the original game just pulled the different emotions assets from the Wii U system itself. But because Miis are not a big part of the Switch like they were on the two previous systems and the 3DS, there might not be a Mii API to fall back on for MK8D like MK8 could on Wii U.

With that being said however, they could totally have reprogrammed it in, but perhaps they considered this to be wasted resources and not that important. If enough people complain about it being an issue though, it's quite possible Nintendo will patch it back in, if they haven't already planned to do so.

"I love playing with my Mii"

But seriously, though. If this is true, I will actually NOT double dip!

Reminds me of the Fighting Mii Team in SSB4.


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