GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 611

What a hellish situation it's been today with the podcast. My laptop of 9+ years may finally be giving up the ghost. I fought with it for hours to get it to work, but eventually had to move into my office and record on the desktop. It's still on life support right now, but I'm working hard! At least I managed to get the podcast out there this week. Can't miss an episode no matter WHAT!

Download the episode here


Glad you do the podcasts but the lack of news on weekends is a bummer.

Hahaa, that gif is incredible.

Sun Apr 30 17 02:16pm
Rating: 1

hope your computer situation sorts itself out! I for one am glad you never miss a podcast, I never miss listening to one, tho i do need to try to listen live!

wow 9 years? that's like 100 in computer years!

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