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Russian man faces over 3 years in jail after playing Pokemon GO in a church

by rawmeatcowboy
01 May 2017
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Ruslan Sokolovsky knew that he could get into big trouble by playing Pokemon GO inside a church. If he was caught doing so, he would be brought up on charges of “inciting religious hatred”. Knowing this, Sokolovsky didn't agree with the law, so he decided to play in a church anyway. Furthermore, he filmed himself doing so.

As you can probably guess, Sokolovsky was taken in by authorities shortly after sharing the video. He's been dealing with court proceedings since, and on last Friday, Sokolovsky's prosecutors suggested he get the maximum jail time possible. That would leave Sokolovsky in jail for 3.5 years. Sentencing is coming up on May 11th, so we'll find out Sokolovsky's fate soon enough.