RUMOR - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX game icon data found on eShop server

Yes, it's the same hacker that found the game to begin with. Now he's shared the icon for the game, as well as the icon for Ever Oasis. I think the evidence speaks for itself, but nothing is confirmed until Nintendo officially reveals it.

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If it happens, why not? Maybe Nintendo wants to do it to make M&L not suffer the same fate as Paper Mario...

Will probably be unveiled officially at E3. I'll buy it day one!
Hope they've fixed the crazy difficulty spike when arriving at the final boss.

The goomba doesn't make sense at all for SS. Maybe it's actually an entirely new game.

My guess is there's some kind of extra game mode that uses the Goomba. Especially since they're probably not going to be including Mario Bros. again.

Mon May 01 17 07:35am
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I've said this before and I'll say it again M&L needs to be on switch it I'm not buying it. I don't understand the logic of putting it on the 3ds when you have a new console you can do so much with.

Getting one last use out of the 3DS M&L engine/assets. It would take much longer to create the game from scratch on Switch.

thats not an excuse. that's just lazy

Mon May 01 17 11:17pm
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Sorry, but what's lazy is using the "lazy" insult. It's a decision. They wanted to release it for the 3DS. They said it, they want the Switch and the 3DS to coexist for a while. Also, the 3DS is at a level of user base that can't be suddenly ignored. Way too many of the "casual/every day persons" crowd would get burned and frustrated if they suddenly stopped realeasing games. Also, the 3DS is way cheaper than the Switch. Not everyone can buy the new console yet. It's basically a bone they are throwing to those that can't make the switch.
I knew a lot of these, there was a lot of complaining they stopped releasing DS games when the 3DS released... in fact some of those kept complaining 2-3 years into the 3DS life, before they managed to save enough to buy it.
Not everyone have both money and the willingness to buy and play on a Switch. Also, the 3DS is still WAY easier to carry. It still have a raison d'ĂȘtre.

Tue May 02 17 03:59pm
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It's probably either this, or there would've been no remake at all. I doubt they would've gotten through the trouble of creating a M&L engine and assets for a Switch version of a SS remake, but there already being assets available for their other current system may have prompted it.

So no, it's not lazy.

so them not making a new engine for their new console and instead using old assets on the old system is not lazy? it looks like a lazy easy cash grab, cop out to me. Id rather wait for them make the game for the switch or have no game at all than have them ruin a good game and put it on a 6 year old console.

It takes a lot of time to create something from scratch, so why if you have the opportunity would you not take advantage of the fact that you already got a perfectly fine engine? Simply because it would be more exciting for some people to see it on a new console? Plus, they need something to keep the 3DS going.

Again, you're saying that they should've just developed it on Switch instead, but it wouldn't be on Switch instead, it would not be at all instead.

And it would 'ruin' the game if it's on 3DS....how?

Tue May 02 17 10:48pm
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It's lazy and the 3ds doesn't need to keep going it's old and boring the switch is portable already. No I'm saying It should be on the switch if I had the choice between 3ds and no game I would choose no game. All of the recent m&l games are bland and I would expect them to ruin super star saga by making it bland cause the 3ds engine is boring and bland.

It's lazy and the 3ds doesn't need to keep going it's old and boring the switch is portable already. No I'm saying It should be on the switch if I had the choice between 3ds and no game I would choose no game.

Okay good for you.

okay? thank you

You're welcome buddy

you too friendo

Could it also be that, AlphaDream or whoever is handling this doesn't have a Switch devkit?

It happens with each handheld/console transition.....These games have been in development for longer than a year and they can't just magically make it for the Switch considering the 3DS is a different architecture. The only real reason why it stings this time is that the Switch cannot play 3DS games, most past handhelds/consoles you could just play the game on the newer system due to BC.

Yeah the switch has been in development for more than a year. Makes more sense to start developing it on switch instead.

My guess is It was an easy game to make money on 3DS, as they still need to provide them with software.

Switch probably would have taken the profits down, plus another port hitting the machine?

Mon May 01 17 12:45pm
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Isn't there one coming and being developed by UbiSoft? Or was that rumor confirmed to be fake?

edit: I guess it isn't confirmed fake yet. I just scrolled down and the next news article was about that game.

It's not the same there was a rumor yesterday that they will have like laser guns in the Ubisoft game and Mario & Luigi super star saga is incredible which is why it needs to be on switch not 3ds

I want remake of PiT and BIS instead!
Mostly for I don't want to play DS games on Wii U!

(And for I can't find them cheap pre own copies)

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