NoA PR - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch is the Fastest-Selling Mario Kart Game in Franchise History

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With more than 459,000 combined packaged and digital sales in the U.S. on launch day alone (April 28), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch system is the fastest-selling game in the long-running Mario Kart series. The previous record holder for the highest first-day sales in the franchise was Mario Kart Wii, with U.S. sales of approximately 433,900 when it launched in 2008. The solid sales numbers for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe equate to an attach rate of 45 percent – meaning nearly one in two Nintendo Switch owners in the U.S. purchased a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the first day it was available. To date, more than 2.7 million Nintendo Switch systems have been sold globally.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has also received more perfect review scores than any other Mario Kart game ever. With a current Metacritic score of 93, the critically acclaimed title is the highest-rated game in the series in 15 years – tying the overall review score of Mario Kart: Super Circuit for Game Boy Advance.

To continue this strong momentum into the summer, a series of great games will launch for Nintendo Switch over the next few months, including Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (May 11), Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (May 26), ARMS (June 16) and Splatoon 2 (July 21).

For more information about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, visit http://mariokart8.nintendo.com/. For more information about Nintendo Switch, visit http://www.nintendo.com/switch/.

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Mon May 01 17 12:17pm
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Wow. This is especially impressive when you consider that in April 2008, the Wii had shipped over 24 million units (compared to the Switch's current 2.7 million). This is a fantastic early attach rate.

Mon May 01 17 12:05pm
Rating: 2

Is Nintendo still doomed and destined for 3rd party?

Mon May 01 17 12:11pm
Rating: 4


But I think you already knew the answer to that question. 😉

Mon May 01 17 12:05pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I guess advertising works

Mon May 01 17 12:10pm
(Updated 1 time)

Ofc it did good, Switch owners are starved! /sarcasm

Edit: Wow how did Super Circuit get a MC score of 93 ._.

Because people find the game fun.

No, I'm just surprised that it scored so high compared to DS for example.

I knew it would sell fine, but I had no idea it would sell this well.

Things are looking pretty good for Switch! Hope it continues.

Mon May 01 17 12:17pm
Rating: 4

Wow. This is especially impressive when you consider that in April 2008, the Wii had shipped over 24 million units (compared to the Switch's current 2.7 million). This is a fantastic early attach rate.

Mon May 01 17 12:23pm
(Updated 2 times)

Amazing how the fastest-selling Mario Kart game isn't even technically a NEW Mario Kart game. Perhaps a number of buyers missed out on the WiiU version due to apathy toward the system? Whatever the case, glad to see the game doing so well, for the Switch's sake more than anything else.

This is nothing more than a personal anecdote, but 3 of my close friends who bought a Switch never bought a Wii U and they were all excited for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I think there's a lot less double dippers than people realize with MK8D.

And it is hilarious to see the desperation of the usual doomsayers on places like Gaf. No matter the logical replies they get, they really seem to be absolutely unable to accept that Nintendo has any form of success. Why are people so threatned by Nintendo doing well?

Mon May 01 17 12:54pm
Rating: 2

Personal justification that their choice is the best choice, they hate being told their ideology of one-console supreme rulership is flawed and other successes in the industry vastly prove this. They vicariously live through these successes as they probably don't see their own lives as successful in their own right.

Mon May 01 17 04:31pm
Rating: 1

I'm never going to understand that.

Mon May 01 17 05:32pm
(Updated 3 times)

I've actually read quite a bit of these threads on GAF, and all I see are users that were just super excited/surprised. There are a couple of people trolling with a meme post saying "Oh no big deal. It's just the usual Nintendo fanbase. blah blah", but they're literally copy and pasting an original sarcastic post.

There are some, especially a day or so ago, that are serious posts about Nintendo sucking (basically), but yes, most right now are basically a new meme which is a parody of those. ^^ But there are still posters who are seriously trolling, or... idiotics. :/

I always found these PR releases about "fastest" release kinda pointless. If they only shipped 10 copies and they all sold out in seconds then it could be called the "fastest" selling game.

I'm more interesting in the lifetime to date sales when we get them in a quarter or so to be honest. I expect MK8D to outsell MK8 but I'd be surprised if it outpaced MKWii

Mon May 01 17 12:59pm
Rating: 2

Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think that's how it works. They're not stating they've sold a certain percentage of shipped copies but the numbers are actually what they managed to SELL in its first 24 hours.

It's still kinda a silly accolade. Sure it might be the "fastest" selling for its first month or whatever, but what if it doesn't really sell any more after than and becomes the worst selling Mario Kart Smile

It would be the "fastest" selling worst sold game.

Haha yeah, that's a funny way to look at it. But from a PR and marketing perspective I guess it builds even MORE hype for it.

So you have learned from your mistakes, Nintendo. Makes this fan happy. Now at E3 this year you show us some of those sexy new games. Lots of them and you'll be fine ;)

Being a realist, I can only see Nintendo announcing close to 10 games of their own at E3. Some are obvious, such as a Mario Party and M&S Olympics for a 2018 slate.

10 games are pretty OK for the Switch. It's a young machine after all. And I am sure MS will shine with some exclusive games given the reveal of the Scorpio. If Nintendo want to keep the momentum up, they have to come with some hard hitters. Exclusivity is the name of the game these days. Just look at Sony. Nintendo should at least have 2-3 big ones. I agree on the Mario Party and Olympic games. They are given, but it sure is time to see what Retro have been working on for the last years (as many of us have mentioned severl times now).

I just fear the self-souring of some of Retro's fanbase if whatever they're making is NOT Prime 4. The internet will be needlessly sour.

Regardless, when I say 10 Switch games that will be all over the board. Third parties, eShop, the whole bit. So a couple big ones might be genuinely geared at more elaboration of Xenoblade 2 and Odyssey, they are no doubt really big in their own right. I just fear the "old news" mantra would continue to happen.

Regardless, Scorprio may take the show, but with their dwindling excitement for their system I don't see it lasting. Nintendo has Directs year around so even if it is overshadowed by a new hardware announcement (which is often the case), they got people's attention three months latet.

Well, as much as I love the KKC games I really hope they are up to something else. I would rather have MP4. But well...

So, OK. Mario Party, Olympics, XC2, Oddessey and maybe Retro's game? The rest eShop titles and maybe Skyrim. Sounds realistic, but they should really push thisE3. Not just for fans, but to keep that Switch momentum going.

I see your list and raise the possibility of the Ubisoft/Nintendo collaboration. It may not be Rabbids x Mario, but something is going on.

Let it be BG&E2. Add Bayonetta 3.....

I'm allowed to dream too!

I would love for it to be BG&E2, but Ubi even knows there is a bigger market value for that game across all boards. Timed exclusive is probably the most we'd see. The Rabbids thing just screams Nintendo to me.

Maybe Nintendo did strike a good deal with them and gotten their tentacles on BG&E2. That rumour has been going on for a long time now. But maybe it's just so imprinted in my brain, it's almost as if it's obvious by now.

That RAbbids x Mario game sounds way too dull, though. But we can be sure that Ubisoft will work with Nintendo. At least in the start of Switch's lifespan.

I haven't read too much into the details as others have had. The details out there just sound... Forced. Though the basic idea I feel exists (or existed) at some point.

The game exists, that we know. And taht's basically everything we know so far. Oh well, time will tell,

Just really hope they have one HUGE surprise taht will sett survers on fire.

Hopefully these fast selling Switch everythings don't just randomly plummet. Genuinely hope Nintendo can keep the momentum going for a solid year or two.

If the game keeps its momentum, it could potentially outsell the Wii U version.
I really hope that happens, and that Nintendo releases a bundle in the future.

I guess people really wanted that battle mode.

I knew this game was going to sell well. How people could sleep on a Mario Kart game is beyond me. I hope this brings an even bigger jump in sales for Switch and other software.

And most impressive of all, it will be the first Mario Kart with paid online!...not that most buyers ara aware of that I suppose, but I hope Nintendo takes measures to inform them in advance.


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