ARMS eShop listing shows the game as supporting 2-8 players for local wireless and online

This info is currently found on both the Australia and German eShop listings for ARMS. Nintendo is yet to say anything about 8-player support so far. Either this listing is incorrect, or it's info that accidentally got shared before it was meant to!

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I'm so excited for this game. Me and my sis had a blast playing it at Chicago's Switch event. If it has online multiplayer of that capacity, it is going to be amazing. She destroyed me!

Mon May 01 17 02:27pm
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Eight player Arms...eight arms...playable Octoling confirmed

Mon May 01 17 02:48pm
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I'm very intrigued how the game will work with eight players at the same time. Could be tournament setup but would't make sense if it says 2 to 8 online or 2 to 8 with two switch connected (wireless mode).

I imagine this is more a tournament or lobby-related thing. There is almost no way this game will support 8 fighters.

Or there is a minigame, like the one in single player where you punch targets.

I'm guessing 4 on 4 games, but one member of a team faces another at a time.

Ha! It would be funny if there was a segment the Smash one, where the announcer kept upping the amount of players playable.


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