RUMOR - Another round of info on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The following info comes from Kotaku

- Kotaku has seen assets
- due out either August or September
- turn-based combat
- two-player local co-op
- goofy sense of humor.
- assets show Mario and crew wielding laser guns
- playable characters include Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, and, four Rabbids dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach

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Tue May 02 17 05:47pm
Rating: 6

With all these leaks, Ubisoft may need a plumber...

And apparantly the game is in 3D and has a style that is basically '3D World but more detailed', which instantly made me more interested.

I am very curious about this game, so I cannot wait to see it at E3. ^^

I'd love to have a playable Bwaaaaaoser, as well.

If thats true, count me in. 3D World is GORGEOUS.

Things must have changed. Last I heard, this was gonna focus on lesser known Mario characters. Guess they realized no one would give it the time of day without Mario and the squad

Prolly decided on Yoshi instead of Toad since they needed him to be all the NPCs

So is it supposed to be a conventional RPG gameplay-wise? 3D graphics and laser guns make me wonder if it'll be some sort of Valkyria Chronicles or Codename STEAM hybrid of real-time and turn-based.

I heard it was a bit like FE, but more RPG.

Tue May 02 17 05:47pm
Rating: 6

With all these leaks, Ubisoft may need a plumber...

Tue May 02 17 05:54pm
(Updated 2 times)

Do they know how plungers work?

Secret boss spoiled. "I'll be Bwack"

Tue May 02 17 06:06pm
Rating: 3 (Updated 2 times)

If this turns out true, I will be very surprised that Nintendo allowed Mario and the rest of the mushroom kingdom characters to use guns, even if they are laser guns. Especially on a game developed by a 3rd party.

This [worriedly recurring] titbit is the only thing that sticks out like a sore thumb to me too.

If it were water / paint shooters or something then that'd be fine [and fit the supposed Summer release], but yeah...

Tue May 02 17 08:39pm
Rating: 1

I mean...

Tue May 02 17 06:34pm
Rating: 1

I hope Miyamoto had zero involvement in the development.

All the rumours about this concoction make it sound more and more terrible to me.

I am still boggled as for how a concept like that would work.
It's Ubisoft after all, and if it's real then it'll most likely be rubbish and unfinished.

Poor Rayman... Sad

Out of all of the big name series Mario could crossover with, why the unbearable Rabbids?

Tue May 02 17 07:07pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I'll bite. Everything about this game sounds interesting to me and I'm a whore for strategy games. I'll probably check it out if its trailer looks at least decent.

I still think this game sounds terrible and I hope to GOD, Nintendo wasn't saving this as like their big E3 secret game announcement for this year. If so I will be EXTREMELY disappointed.

Considering their recent track record with E3 presentations... I'd go in with lowered expectations. Remember the year they spent 5-10 minutes of their show on those two Activision Skylander figures?

Tue May 02 17 07:55pm
Rating: 2

Originally I thought this sounded interesting, these new details make me less interested.

Tue May 02 17 08:07pm
(Updated 3 times)

- Kotaku has seen assets

Kotaku staff members seeing game assets and then decisively going to publicly spill the beans. And to think that there have been many choice occasions of their writers publicly asking in their articles why is the general game-making crowd trying to avoid their leeches...

I'll hold off on judging it until it actually comes out, but I honestly can't believe Nintendo was stupid enough to let Ubisoft have access to the Mario IP.

Yes to the idea of multiple characters!

It honestly doesn't matter now this turns out, my searing revulsion of the rabbids means i want nothing to do with it.

Still don't know how I feel about this...

I love turn based games so this should be cool. I'm gonna pick up the Rabbid games from Gamestop before they go up in price...

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