The Simpsons spoof Pokemon GO, episode gets banned in Russia

In the most recent Simpsons episode, there's a spoof of Pokemon GO. The episode aired here just fine, but the episode isn't going to see the light of day in Russia. The episode features Homer wandering into a church to play the game, which is where Russian clerics take issue. Their outcry has lead to the channel which airs The Simpsons to decide not to back this episode.

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That was pretty terrible. The song was off key (which I know they have to do due to copyright and such, but they could at least make it sound a bit better) and none of that seemed funny at all. Maybe it needs context...

Thu May 04 17 09:31pm
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All I ever feel now when I see the Simpsons is shame. It was my favorite show as a kid but I can't even stand to look at it now. They're really just latch onto whatever's popular now, won't they?

Following the steps of the Flintstones. Eventually any show going that long panders to anything that's popular or trending.

This is too easy to make fun of.....

The forest spirit from Princess Mononoke?!

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