More evidence of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX being real

Still on the fence about the leak of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga being real? Here's some pretty strong evidence for it. Press got hands-on time with Ever Oasis this week, which means they got to see the icon for the game. Turns out the icon provided by the leaker above was spot-on for the real deal. If that icon was real, it would certainly lend credibility to the other one being legitimate as well.

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IF this is legit, i'm getting day one!

It is to bad the game was leaked but on the bright side. Nintendo is gonna get even more of my money this year.

I know this is just the way of the gaming press, but something kinda rubs me the wrong way about how this guy just leaked the icon.

That said, a M&L remake sounds like a pretty good idea. Especially considering the designs could use a bit of an update and they can just reuse the character assets from Dream Team and Paper Jam.

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