Pokemon Stars rumor gets a bit more fuel (UPDATE)

Is Pokemon Stars the real deal or not? We don't know just yet, but today's evidence certainly seems quite interesting. If this is indeed the real deal, you can bet the info is going to be revealed at E3! Thanks to Jacob for the heads up!

UPDATE - Seems like this might be a coincidence. Turns out any word that ends with the letter 'I' will do the same redirectl.

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Tue May 09 17 02:41pm
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From what I've read, any URL ending in "i" redirects to the homepage, likely to mask anything like this being used as a leak. For example, pokemon.com/rawmeatcowboyi redirects to pokemon.com, while pokemon.com/rawmeatcowboy gives you a Page Not Found error message. EDIT: It seems RMC realized this as well.

Pokemon Sushi confirmed! :D

I want Pokémon Pepsi Version

I woukd still prefer Pokemon Wasabi.

Not being a Pokemon fan (apart from Pikachu in Smash) I would LOVE for this to be true. A Pokemon on Switch would be an insane bulldozer.

I dunno... don't seem to remember Nintendo or Gamefreak EVER announcing a mainline Pokemon game at E3. Last time one was announced was in February last year, with 1st footage following in May.

There's also supposed to be a Pokemon Stars event when? Next week?

Talking about the Direct? That was just rumoured as being a Direct. Nothing specific.

Anyway, it's always a first time, I guess, If they want to show it off at E3.

Its still May so hopefully they announce something soon. Would be a first if the Pokemon Company decides to announce it at E3

Okay, so why is the story up if its not actually a thing? Kinda seems to be giving false hope

If this is true they better really go all out on the added content/features or people who bought Sun and/or Moon are going to feel burned, hard, especially with all those empty blocks in the all cities.

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