EA now bullish on Switch, considering multiple games

The following comes from EA CEO Andrew Wilson

- EA is now very bullish on the Switch
- they have expressed excitement for it bringing an entirely new ecosystem into the fold
- EA is considering bringing more of its games to the system

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If this means it won't be another "unprecedented partnership" then that's fine.


I can't think of any good recent EA games.

Tue May 09 17 09:01pm
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The sports games will benefit the switch, it's a genre EA practically controls. And there are still lots of players that mainly buy those games.

The issue with that, though, is that it's almost impossible to pry the majority of the fans of those EA titles away from their habit of buying them anywhere BUT on Nintendo systems.

Until someone out there has evidence proving the average EA-Sports-game-loving Sony or Microsoft fan is willing to pick up their games on Switch, over or even alongside any other choice, the sad reality is that EA isn't key to Nintendo's future success.

RPG's like Bravely Third, Tales Of, and Octopath Traveler, on the other hand...

Dragon Age is pretty much all that's left, IMO

So if they're just interested now, we probably won't see anything from this for at least 8-12 months.

Well FIFA is a sure thing at this point, but yea that's about it.

I would assume we might get some port of older stuff like PvZ and the spin off (Garden warfare???) Around Q1 next year. If those all do well and the switch has hit the 10million mark then i'd expect some big hits simultaneously with the other systems

Tue May 09 17 09:05pm
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I don't need ALL 3rd party games... just SOME.

There are plenty. I own 9 already.

I just meant in the sense that I don't expect every AAA title on the Switch and that I'd be happy just getting SOME.

I think I understand what you mean. You're happy with what it has but would like a little more. Mainly the best stuff.

They would be best off bringing future Star Wars games to the platform. If Switch hardware is as development friendly as some have claimed, it could be possible to scale the games down on the Switch. It then becomes a question of if those versions still hold up or if they are just too below visual standards for EA to release. We really still don't seem to have a grasp of what the Switch is capable of. As impressive as Zelda is it only runs in 900p docked and despite looking great its visuals are much simpler then what AAA publishes on other systems.

Tue May 09 17 09:36pm
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Diminished visual aspects is not the only problem. As the hardware is less powerful, (I think that) things like AI and physics may not be directly ported, and may invalidate a Switch version.

That's bull.
There isn't a single case yet where AI and physics have been forcefully downgraded for a Nintendo console port.
The closest they've come to that is number of objects on screen, and that was back in the Wii era with a particular Zombie game.

The Switch won't have the additional issues you're describing, especially with all the scalable engines it's confirmed to work with.

its good news in general re: the switch economy, but i cant think of one game by EA since Dead Space: Extraction (and maybe they just published it?) for Wii that i can muster even a grain of excitement. SSX?

Star wars?
Sports Games?
Mirror's Edge?
Dragon Age?
Need for Speed?

Not even one of those can get you the slightest bit excited. I mean Star Fox...Star Wars...at least a grain of excitement I would think.

Battlefront was pretty bad though. I'm not holding my breath that they will do a better job on 2 either

That's fair. I hear 2 is looking better, but EA is pretty good at making trailers/generating hype.

And I'm also hoping for non-battlefront Star Wars.

i thought battlefront was good but lacking in content

I mean... To me, that's enough to make me qualify a game as not good. If I pay full price for a game... I want that full game right there.

With DICE it's hard to havr opinion until release day... But I just hope BF2 has more to it day 1 (and no bugs)

true but i feel like that might be more of ea's fault than dice but i really dont know.

True. A deadline is a deadline after all. Not much DICE can do about it.

Not really into Star Wars (runs for cover)
Games with guns revolving around war are ALWAYS NO
Sports are for someone else's universe
Maybe Dragon Age but no, there's better.
Mirrors Edge looks cool but never played
I really have no interest in their products.
But I realize many do and that's a plus for them and also the SWITCH (debatableSmile.
Personally I could not care less if EA releases games on a Nintendo system ever again.

For me, Mirror's Edge (the original) is the only thing you listed I would be remotely hyped for.

I love Star Wars, but the only games I really liked were Racer on N64 & the LEGO games, which aren't EA.

I liked Dead Space 1 & Alice: Madness Returns, but I don't foresee those coming.

I'm not a fan of all of those either honestly. I was just trying to pick some different genres of EA games because the original commenter said nothing at all seemed interesting from EA.

I'm mostly interested in EA for their sports stuff honestly. Star wars I would buy, and everything else I would consider at least.

If that Star Wars title were a new Rogue Squadron, you'd have my attention.
Other than that, I've found that there are so many good games in all those listed games' genres, that are outside of EA titles, that I can safely ignore most of what EA puts out, if I choose, and will still not be missing out on much entertainment-wise.

Basically agree. They're not a particularly interesting publisher for me, but they have a title here and there I'll try. Still, they're good for a system's success.

Garden Warfare would have been a good fit for Wii, and I think 2 would still find a nice home on Switch. Wonder if they'd make a 3rd....

Tue May 09 17 09:22pm
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The part that RMC doesn't have in its story is that EA's later comments mentioned they think the Switch is a separate market from the PS4/XB1/PC (not sure why when Zelda is an adventure open-world game). I'm sadly now expecting crappy "Wii" versions of sports games. =(....


Tue May 09 17 09:25pm
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That wasn't in the source link.

Do you perchance have a link where he makes those statements? I'm curious to read his full remarks now.

EDIT: Just saw the update you made.

These right?

EA tried making the same games for a couple of years on the Wii before they decided to make their Wii versions different due to low sales.

They tried but it wasn't going to change the perception that these Wii versions were nothing more than cheap ports with toned down features and waggle controls.

They were supposed to be "funner" to the consumers that had a Wii. A la kids & families.

Tiger Woods Golf actually sold best on Wii in 2007 and I think 2008. Then they tried this All-Play version and sales tanked iirc...

Essentially now known as, "The THQ Think."

Your source is someone on Twitter misquoting what the CEO actually said. This is how misinformation travels. Rather than quote someone else, why not quote what the CEO actually said? These are his words.

"We have a tremendous relationship with Nintendo and have done for many, many years and are excited by the fact that they have come out very strong and are bringing in a whole new player base into the ecosystem. We continue to be bullish on it and are looking at other titles that we might bring to the Switch."

He did NOT say the Switch is a separate market he said the Switch is bringing in new players INTO the ecosystem. The one gaming ecosystem. Not another new one. The Switch is bringing new players into the gaming ecosystem. These players could range from casuals to hardcore Nintendo fans.


Hm. I guess I trusted Zhuge to get it right considering he's an analyst now (new role at Niko Partners as an analyst on the digital games market in Asia.") and didn't get around to double checking it... Thanks for the correction though!

Didn't see the tweet, but he may have said it in jest. He usually add a "dad joke" amongst his serious tweets... I personally like that, as they are usually just stupidly out of there... but sometimes they hit just a little bit too close to believability and it creates confusion...

For those not familiar with financial terms, bullish is a good thing.

How so? I honestly thought that its more of trolling than something like excitement..

So there is bullish and bearish.

Long story short, bullish means that you see a lot of potential in something, and that it is trending up. Bearish means the opposite.

Honestly, being bullish on the Switch means nothing in terms of immediate games, it just means that they might have increased interest in developing in the future.

Wow, RMC! Way to leave out a very important comment which totally changes the context of this news story!

Ea thinks Switch is a separate market. This means that Switch gets Madden Playland while PS4/XBone gets Madden '19.

That's a misquote: EA said they think the Switch is bringing a new player base into the existing ecosystem.
They do not think it's a separate market.

EA is backing two indy studios. Sea Of Solitude & Fe are in development. At least there would be that, if not the AAA games.

If this means it won't be another "unprecedented partnership" then that's fine.


Not casuals, more-so half-assed ports to ride the wave of Switch's momentum.

Tue May 09 17 11:01pm
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I can honestly say I would happily buy the entire Dead Space series if they ported it to Switch.

I even learn about the bullish word because of ea statement , and so I'm still unclear about it, can't even say if it's a positive or not word lol. true story

It's a stock market term. To be bullish means to be optimistic.

Don't understand EA's categorising of the Switch as being in a separate market than PS4/Xbox One at all. I mean, it is in the sense that it's primarily a handheld, but that doesn't mean it's not capable of the kinds of games the other systems cater to. It's sold millions thus far largely on the back of one of the most "gamer" focused games Nintendo has put out in years (one of the most difficult entries in its franchise to boot).

Regardless of there being a wider audience buying into it too, fact is that there are a lot of dedicated gamers buying the Switch; the kind of people who want deep games and challenge. I'm sure there's an audience for a competent version of Battlefront or Battlefield on Switch, just as I'm sure there's an audience for Pop Cap games that I imagine they're eyeing up as potential candidates for Switch ports given their alternate market comments (screams "casual" to me).

Tue May 09 17 11:47pm
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I read the title as "EA now bullshit on Switch..."


'EA Bullies on Switch'

Should be interesting.

'reads again'

Ooh. Anyways, they are not making many games that I care for, but I'd love a Dead Space Collection with the three main games and the Wii one. Would be awesome.

Great. Fair weathered friends now onboard. We'll see how long that lasts.

Yeah, and yet I'm not convinced EA really is taking it properly seriously.

Hm....Switch sells well at the start, building momentum as we speak. Now, all of a sudden, EA wants to make games. Interesting. Guess that wait and see will pay off for them.

Handheld Burnout Paradise. Make it happen. It's all I want.

As long as they bring on some original titles, we're good. I could sure use a brand new Dead Space though. We need more horror games on the system. Mirror's Edge would also make people happy.

I don't trust those bastards one bit after how they threw the Wii U under the bus.

Show me something other than lazy ports and low-effort shovelware and I'll sit up and take note. Otherwise I'm still going to see them as the scumbags who threw a bitchfit because they couldn't hold Nintendo Network hostage and ultimately set the precedent for other third-parties to run away from the Wii U after not getting their way.

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