Peripheral manufacturer releases Switch Dock Replacement Case

Specially designed case to replace your original Nintendo switch dock ( you have to take out the circuit board chip from the original Nintendo dock and install it to this replacement case).

Precise cutout and more portable, the size of this replacement case is 3.78*2.69*1.15inch´╝îyou can put it in your pocket and take it anywhere.

Easy to install: Just scan the QR code labeled on the package and take out the circuit board chip from your original Nintendo switch dock and install it to this replacement case. You can DIY easily with our video guidance.

You can have a lot of fun by DIY your mini version Nintendo switch dock with this anti-scratch replacement case.
What you get: 1*switch dock replacement case, 2*screwdrivers and 9 screws, 12 Month 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 24 Hour dedicated email support.

Compared with the original switch dock, this replacement case is smaller, more lightweight that you can just put it into your pocket and carry it anywhere you want. You just need to scan the QR code labeled on the package and follow the video guidance to install it, and you will get the mini version switch dock which keeps all the functions of the original one. With the given screwdrivers and screws, you can finish the installation quickly

Grab yours here

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Meh... I'm waiting for 3rd party docks. Hopefully they cost a lot less than $90

Don't count on it. You still have to get a power adapter, which is 30$ of the 90$ price tag.

You may have misunderstood. I don't think this solution is all that great because it requires purchasing a legit dock and power adapter. Thus the cost is >$90. I'm hoping for a high quality and completely 3rd party solution that will cost less money. To me, a dock isn't worth $90.

Thu May 11 17 06:21pm
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I got really excited until I realized that you have to pull the chip out of your existing case. I've been so hopefully for a cheaper dock for a second TV.

But there's one weird thing about this... the Amazon listing has a picture where a Switch docked on this item is displaying gameplay on both the Switch and the TV at the same time. I didn't think the Switch would allow that kind of functionality and my gut tells me it's a lie.

Yeah, it's an oversight on their part. They probably didn't do the research and thought the Switch could display on both the TV and its own screen, and so they spruced up that image. But the Switch can't do that.
...Yet, anyway. Who knows, it might be possible after a system update, but I wouldn't count on it. The Switch is already being pushed to its limits to display on one screen, let alone 2

I kinda wish this is how Nintendo had done it from the get-go.

Got mine in this afternoon took about 10 minutes to disassemble and assemble. It works like a dream I prefer this over the official dock and it easily fits in my case.

The only thing I need to add to it is some rubber feet so it doesn't slide on any surfaces.

Wonder how many people are buying this without realizing that you'd need to DIY it

I thought the same thing lol. I wish it shipped to canada D:

To be fair, they're not really hiding that fact. The first bullet point already makes a disclaimer, and the third point mentions you need to install it and that there's an instruction video. And the fourth point also calls it a DIY.

That said, yeah, there will still be people who only look at the pictures, order it, and come out disappointed. But that's on them

Looks even less reliable than the original.

There shouldn't be any issues with scratching with the OG model, and especially if you have rambunctious pets (like one of my bunnies) then the OG dock is a better option anyways.

Fri May 12 17 02:20am
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my Switch has scratches on the back because of the dock. luckily I have a screen protector so there are no scratches in the front. And no, i don't "throw my switch in there like a five year old" (like a youtuber i saw claimed) I've been extremely careful. the dock is flawed. Deal with it.

I've already accepted that my switch is Scratched and don't want to spend any more money trying to protect it. This dock looks awesome though. Kinda makes me regret getting a switch so early. could've avoided a disaster.

A shame it didn't come with everything together. I'm not so interested in taking my dock apart.
Hopefully we'll get a 3rd party dock soon.

I am guessing that the reason it didn't come complete is because the hardware is proprietary. At least for now. I'll let you all know how simple it is when I receive mine!

I also have a screen protector on mine. Although, I do not have any scratches on the back, or front for that matter. Deal with it. LOL

Here's a video if anyone is interested in seeing the process it took me about 10 minutes and was super easy.



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