RUMOR - Nintendo working on Zelda mobile title, according to Wall Street Journal

- Nintendo is developing a Legend of Zelda game for smartphones
- should be released after the Animal Crossing mobile game
- order of the releases could still be changed
- collaboration with DeNA, but neither company would comment on the matter

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Mon May 15 17 01:51am
Rating: 6

And if the enemies aren't called Mobile-ins I don't know what they're playing at

Mon May 15 17 01:50am
Rating: 4

If it's not called The Legend of Cellda they've missed a trick

Mon May 15 17 01:51am
Rating: 6

And if the enemies aren't called Mobile-ins I don't know what they're playing at

Usually when I see a double post, I think the person is pretty dumb. But your comments are too funny

Mon May 15 17 02:30am
Rating: 1

I don't know what direction to expect this one to take. Mobile Zelda... F2P would be balls, but they didn't have much success with Super Mario Run.

Yeah I'm thinking it'll go the SMR route. I don't see how a gacha system could fit here. Like perhaps they give link cosmetic items here.

Applying the Zelda formula to the social, infinite-replayability nature of a mobile game makes me believe it'll be some sort of roguelike. Procedural dungeons, a whole army of custom, tunic-wearing heroes like Xenoverse, and focus on loot.

Mon May 15 17 03:36am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I would love to see remakes of Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks but I believe that Nintendo said that there will be no re-releases on mobile a while back.

I've been consistently playing Super Mario Run for the last 5 months. I really hope this mobile title is a 1-Time payment only.

Mon May 15 17 08:07am
Rating: 1

I've been playing on just the free "demo" since the release on Android. While I do find it fun, I'm struggling to find the full game to be worth $10. What's your take on it?

If it can't turn my phone camera into a lens of truth, I'm not interested!
(I lied I'm still interested)

Haven't been too impressed with Nintendo's mobile efforts so far...and now we're talking my favorite series.

Let's hope they don't botch this one.

Fire Emblem Heroes is awesome I just need Elise and my life is complete, I got Ike, Soren, Tharja, Azura, Titania, Nino best game ever you don't need to play other FE game.

I think FE:Heroes is ok, but saying you don't need to play any other FE game is a bit much.

Heroes is such a small taste of what the series has to offer.

Not sure why all the downvotes - Super Mario Run was well worth €10 for me. I still pop into it to replay a level when I want to kill a few minutes.

The DS Zelda games worked with 100% touch controls so I can definitely see similar working on Smart Phones.

Maybe a Cave of Trials type game

It was probably only ever a matter of time, but man I'm still expecting nothing but disappointment...

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