Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account teasing something for tomorrow with mysterious image

Seems like there's something going on with the official Sonic Twtter account. We don't know what is being teased for tomorrow, but we'll be keeping tabs!

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A big robot whipping up wind as it comes in for a landing? I can only assume it's a new Sonic Forces trailer.

Seems like some sort of grinding stage.

the final stage from sonic where you are on the blimp with the bombs dropping on you..

Mon May 15 17 08:36pm
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Sonic Boom port for switch! This time it's the Nintendo Switch that's to blame for the game being trash!

Sonic forces cool....but was hoping for a release date of Mania more...

Mon May 15 17 08:57pm
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Get a load of this?

You know what they say! THE MORE THE MERRIER!

Time for a change of pace!


That looks like a homing shot

Full Systems Full Power.

Tue May 16 17 12:00am
Rating: 1

*all systems full power

i have a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad feeling about this...

Mon May 15 17 11:16pm
Rating: 1

It's quiet too quiet.

Be careful it's a trap!

That's right! It's nearby! I can feel it!

You little...! YOU LITTLE...!

Sonic's new friend in this game is Bender!

More Sonic Forces.

I just hope we don't have to wait too long to find out what this third gameplay style is, as this just looks like a Generations 2 atm :/

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