The PS4 is only a tad slower because of how he UI itself works by adding additional screens to skip. Otherwise I'm surprised by how similarly fast they load. Expected the Switch to be a lot slower

Wed May 17 17 07:49am
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Really? Given the difference in storage mediums, I would have expected the exact opposite, with the Switch version being a lot faster. I would expect every multiplatform game to load faster on the Switch unless you have a solid state drive installed on your PS4.

Wed May 17 17 09:28am
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Other tests on multiplat games have proven that wrong. In fact Switch games load slowest of all from the game cartridge. eShop releases load faster than cartridges when installed on an SD card, and fastest of all off the i ternal memory. But EVEn THEN games like Snake Pass or Lego City Undercover load faster on the PS4 and slowest of all on the Switch. Why? Part of this is because the CPU plays a part in loading speed. Loading data generates IRQs that are handled by the CPU and data transfers are managed by the CPu which is already busy performing other tasks in the background as well, so the slowest your CPU is, the slowest your load times are going to be. The Switch has a mobile CPU and not the fastest there is in the world either, so it should come has no surprise that games load slower on the Switch, despite the medium onto which they're installed. And that's even without taking into consideration the medium's bandwidth (carts prolly use a cheap ass flash memory chip) and bus speeds which on paper are already much slower on the Switch. Then you have RAM speed. You can't load stuff off any kind of media and onto RAM any faster than the RAM chips will allow. And the LPDDR4 used in the Switch is CONSIDERABLY slower than te GDDR5 used in both the PS4 and the PS4 pro.

The only place you can confidently say the Switch will be faster is in latency. Mechanical hard drives, let alone optical disc drives, have poor latency inherent to the nature of the media, problems that flash memory couldn't have, so the Switch should be faster to load small chunks of data in smaller bursts and quick succession... or at least in the same league. But flash memory, has multiplat games already released have proven, hasn't brought a significant benefit to the Switch over other consoles. In fact it would be the opposite as games like Rime have proven, cause we pay extra for the same game on a cartridge. But then again there's not really much other choice for a handheld device.

The person recording this doesn't have full RGB enabled on his or her Switch. The lack of color in the cut scene wouldn't be there if it was enabled

I wonder why the PS4 is sharper than the Switch. This would seem like a game that the Switch could handle at full resolution

I guess I actually prefer the switch for battle and the ps4 for cut scenes. I feel like the battle stuff looks better and more clear there. eh I don't have time for the game eithe way but the demo was enjoyable.

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