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I KNEW IT! I knew they were going to give Callie the Masked Man treatment! I can't wait to see how she plays out as a villain.

I think she's been captured? Callie didn't sound any suspicious after all.

I want to believe that Callie is innocent. If you read the chapters, she didn't sound any suspicious at all. She was a sweet self.

Wed May 17 17 06:40pm
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Deepest lore.

Eh, looks very similar to Splatoon 1 single player. I guess their focus is again 99% on multiplayer.

I actually really enjoyed the singleplayer in the first game... way more than I expected to. I think it makes sense to put the primary focus on multiplayer in a game like Splatoon, but I'll certainly enjoy a playthrough of a singleplayer campaign again. I'm happy to see it return.

An expanded version of Splatoon's single player would be great, it was a fun mode.

Splatoon 2 Quest to save my waifu.

When I first saw the trailer for Splatoon, I went crazy thinking it was a single player puzzle game, Nintendo's version of Portal. I lost interest when it was just a competition shooter, but I might give Splatoon 2 a try.

Trust me, I felt the same as you, but the single player mode is fantastic, if not a tad short. Give it a shot.

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