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kaiser gx
Wed May 17 17 06:34pm
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That cop and dog... GO GO GADGET ARMS!!!

Half confused by Twintelle's aesthetic. Is she a Bollywood actress?

I had thought she was simply supposed to be a celebrity in general, rather than specifically Hollywood or Bollywood or something. Out of those two, if I had to pick, I would still say Hollywood, though. She's a bit too... glam for Bollywood

Fair. Though it's not like Bollywood isn't glam too. The super wealthy in 3rd world countries have most of the same amenities as the super wealthy in first world countries.

But yea either way she's prolly just a modern celebrity analogue. The ridiculous hair honestly makes me think of Katie Perry / Lady Gaga / Nicki Minaj.

Thu May 18 17 10:31am
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Ah, I didn't know Bollywood was also glam. I actually thought it was anti-glam. Heh, shows how much I know.

The hair actually reminded me of this:

If they're anti-glam then it really just shows what I know. lol xD But whatevs. She's a kickass character.

That Twintelle booty is just TOO much. WHOOP WHOOP!

Thu May 18 17 12:09am
Rating: 1

Not gonna lie: it was almost a minute in to the Twintelle video that I even looked at her hair.

Thu May 18 17 12:23am
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Hmm... yep, Min Min is still the best! But Mechanica is super cute and Twintelle is quite fine as well... I'll probably focus on those three.

Add in Ribbon Girl and your harem is complete


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