Japan - Nintendo is selling the Splatoon 2 Switch bundle box as a standalone item

No, this isn't a joke. Nintendo is selling the Splatoon 2 bundle box as a standalone item. It's just the box, and Nintendo says it's for those that love Splatoon, but already bought a Switch. The box is being sold for $5.

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No, I think they have just realised that their fans are slightly mad and will lap stuff like this up.

What the hell? Has Nintendo officially gone slightly mad?

No, I think they have just realised that their fans are slightly mad and will lap stuff like this up.

Ebay is full of sellers doing it. Heck, when I discovered that people would buy boxes I made sure to sell some of mine. Zelda boxes are especially popular.

At least Nintendo are pricing it reasonably for collectors.

I'd buy one! Especially if you wanted to sell your switch on for some sort of new edition in the future and you had the matching joy cons.

Kimishima is ruthless!! I love it.

As a collector, I have been having a hard time knowing what to do about the Switch bundles. I want all official colors and such, but since so far, only the JoyCons are actually different, and since I do buy all the JoyCons, I was unsure if I should spend so much buying the console bundles as well.

So, if some of these are imported here, I'll totally buy it just to display it in my collection, haha.

It's $5? I've spent more on a cup of coffee. Ill import it if i can

Thu May 18 17 08:18am
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and plus shippig more like 10 bucks


I've seen lots of fans who love this kinda stuff. Nintendo is simply catering to a market. Smart idea.

I can see this leading to a bunch of mis-leading ebay listings or returns to stores with 'rocks/phonebooks' inside...

A lot of big changes happened since the new finance temporary leader for Nintendo got the lead position for the company, payed online, worse "club nintendo", this, I really hope we get to see some new really good quality games like on the Wii U, and microtransactions dont get bigger on nintendoplatforms.

My Nintendo was established long before Kimishima took over the Chairman Job if I recall correct.


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