Japan - Nintendo offering Splatoon 2 physical case with download code

Splatoon 2 Game Card Free Version

- same game case as the packaged version
- contains a game download code and not a physical game card
- Nintendo suggests it's for fans who want the game case, but don't need a physical copy of the game itself

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Thu May 18 17 06:48am
Rating: 9

I know it makes very little sense to care for a case over practicality but I do love-em. This is a great middle ground for me.

Thu May 18 17 06:48am
Rating: 9

I know it makes very little sense to care for a case over practicality but I do love-em. This is a great middle ground for me.

Thu May 18 17 06:52am
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It is a little disconcerning when Nintendo are avoiding paying to make game cards when they want to push it as the format for their system.

Here in the UK it's hard to get physical games as it is. I doubt we'll see a physical release over here. Although collectors can import it from the US when they eventually get a physical release.

Japan has high digital sales, so they're just capitalizing on that along with people who want a box.

They are shipping physical copies as well. This is just for people who like the convenience of digital but also enjoy the collectors aspect.

Am I reading correct that you think Nintendo won't release it's Flagship Title as a retail edition in the UK? Maybe you simply search in the wrong corners. Sorry, it's really hard to believe and this is coming from someone living in Germany : D

Anyway. Much noise over nothing here. This distribution is just another option for intetested customers.

And by the way, Japan is far from "All Digital". Don't you guys confuse them with the US.

Doesn't this confirm that the game cards are too expensive even for Nintendo to produce if they're cutting corners like this?

I doubt it. I think it confirms that they listen to the fans. There are those collectors who want the box on their shelf. It's probably just Nintendo testing the waters to see if there are people crazy enough to buy this.

Thu May 18 17 07:38am
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Has nothing to do with cutting corners. It's for people like me who want the convenience of a downloaded game but still enjoy collecting the pretty boxes.

How did you arrive to this conclusion? They are selling Physical copies, digital only copies and now something in between i.e Digital copies with a physical pack. How did you come up with this being confirmation that Nintendo is cutting corners?

They're probably losing money with this bundle, and it's well known that the game cards are expensive to make compared to the industry-standard discs. This is probably a way to mitigate some of the lost revenue by throwing in a sheet of paper with a download code instead of making a physical pack.

How are they losing money? It's a package with no game in it. The bulk of the cost comes from the cartridges, not the empty case. However, if you are talking about the bundle that has the Switch console, those joy-cons and a copy of the game, then that isn't what this is. This is just another way of purchasing the game itself.

And yes, cartridges are more expensive to manufacture than CDs but only by a few extra dollars. It isn't as expensive as people make it out to be. Also, this isn't the first cartridge base handheld Nintendo has made. They've had no problems being profitable on those other platforms. Nintendo seems to be compressing their games very well. Mario Kart is 6.7GB, Zelda is 13.4GB, Splatoon 2 is 5.5GB. Meaning only Zelda needed a 16Gb card. Every other game including Splatoon 2 fits on an 8GB card. Those cards a cheaper to manufacture than say a 32GB variant. SO no Nintendo, in particular, is not losing money from printing cartridges fo their games.

If they really wanted to mitigate lost revenue, they wouldn't even have bothered with a case at all

Thu May 18 17 08:43am
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Then why aren't they doing this for ARMS? With the previously announced empty Splatoon2 Switch Bundle Box and this, its pretty obvious they are just giving options to Japanese players. Splatoon is pretty popular over there and I am guessing a lot of them would want to have Splatoon2 on the Switch at anytime, so this empty case is for them.

Seriously....? Ugh...

The did the same for Pokemon red and green.

What is the point of owning a box without a physical product? To me this is just pathetic.

Thu May 18 17 08:04am
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The Switch is a portable console, so having all your games accessible to you anywhere without having to carry so many cartridges with you makes a lot of sense. However there are people that like to have physical mediums that they can place on their shelves. This is a good middle ground. Take advantage of the Switch's portability and have all your games accessible to you at all times and place a physical copy of the game on your shelve. The optimal solution for this problem would be to give everyone that got the game physically a digital download code as well. But this is a good second compromise.

Thu May 18 17 08:16am
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Some people like things that you might not understand. Nothing pathetic about choice.

Okay, you gotta run me through this. I'm fairly open-minded, but I just can't see how this is pathetic of all things. I could understand pointless (though I'd disagree with it), but I just can't understand pathetic

This is literally just so the digital version has a retail presence. It's not too unlike selling dlc or storefront cards on the shelf as well. This way they can also suede the digital-only consumer into buying when they're in a retail store.

I'm all for the idea. But it is a little strange though...

Thu May 18 17 07:27am
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I said it before and i say it again. I will stop play videogames when i can't buy physical games anymore. It's already bad for me with all the DLC in games.

Thu May 18 17 07:28am
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Thu May 18 17 07:34am
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Me too. I hope they do this for special editions too. That way I don't have to buy 2 versions of the game to have both the convenient downloaded game and the cool physical toys

Whats with all the downvotes?
Its not replacing physical retail cartridges, silly people. This is no different from them selling the Splatoon bundle box standalone.

Y'all reactionary as hell.

Why are people downvoting?
You don't HAVE to get this.
Get the version with the gamecard if you want it so bad.
All Nintendo are doing is offering options to the players.

I don't know about Japan but this wouldn't fly in NA just because of the people who'd not pay attention and buy it thinking it was the physical copy.

Most stores in America have games like this locked up in a cage. The employee will probably learn after the first customer complaint to inform people of it being a digital copy and not physical.

They do but their digital download codes are usually on cards on hooks... So there would naturally be a lot of confusion.

Of course this is assuming this product will be sold with the box on display. I'm pretty sure download codes have to be activated at the register so customers might actually just be picking up the typical download card and then the cashier will put the activated card in an empty case (while supplies last).

Thu May 18 17 08:16am
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Must always buy physical if not future looks uncertain

This is my thinking. After having music "taken" away from me due to the artists decision to quit.

Since then my physical obsession is more as a future prevention in comparison to having something "shiny."

I keep wishing I didn't have to swap out my Zelda cart to play Mario Kart, but at the same time I want the physical MK8 box yet don't think I'd ever sell MK8 Deluxe, so I think this would actually be a nice middleground for me. IF I could finally get some damn confirmation that my game downloads will be tied to my account and not my system.

I'm in the same boat. I like the convenience of digital, but the ability to trade in is a big factor.

If I wasn't able to trade in MK8 Wii U for a decently high value, I would not have bought MK8D.

A better middle ground would be do to what blue-ray movies do today:
Giving you both the physical and digital (+dvd) version in one package!

For then I can still play the game IF the digital copy disappear/be unplayable. But Splatoon 2 is a online multiplayer game, so only singleplayer will be left when the servers are gone, so I can understand Why people want a digital copy of Splatoon 2 and maybe not for BOTW, for online is a part of S2 and not BOTW (except for DLC)!

Don't see the point of having empty boxes on your shelf personally...seems to defeat half the purpose of going digital, saving physical space.

And I'm going digital for this game. If I want shelf decor to show off my love for Splatoon that's what amiibo are for. Just my take!

I agree completely. I understand people like collecting things, but I can't wrap my head around the "need" for an empty box on a shelf. I suspect some people feel a need for a physical, observable representation of how dedicated to gaming they are. I think there are better ways of doing that, but if people feel that strongly about their box/display, I'm not going to be able to convince them otherwise.

Thu May 18 17 11:48am
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I don't understand the upset.
The regular retail version is still going to be available and it won't be limited or restricted to certain retailers. I can see why people who prefer downloads would want to at least have a box on their shelf.
All they're doing is offering an extra option for a niche market. Or is this another case of "complain first, read article second"?

Thu May 18 17 12:45pm
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I do have a feeling that the people complaining about this (particularly the ones who claim it's Nintendo cutting costs by not including a cartridge) don't know that all options are offered: full physical, full digital, and this hybrid

I love this! I hope we get this option in the United States. If they provide this option for games in the future this would be my preferred way to buy a game so I have a package on my bookshelf but they game in my digital library. Please add a Nintendo Library that remembers all the games I own across systems and I will certainly purchase a New 2DS xl if they do that.

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