GoNintendo Video Review - Thumper

Thumper is one of the most insane rhythm action games there is, and it's a must-have on Switch. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this one.

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Well, you sold me on it! And hey, it didn't take $5 million to make this game possible so bonus!

Thu May 18 17 12:28pm
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Refuse to consider this game to be a rhythm game. It's a twitchy reaction/timing game. But I just don't see the Rhythm in it. You aren't playing to a rhythm/beat and its not like you are making a rhythm/beat.

Not to say the game can't be great or amazing cause reviews are definitely saying it is. But it just feels like this is all blind or false advertisement.

There's certainly a 3-2-1 BOOM like rhythm games have.... but there's just no.... rhythm to go with it...

I understand it's not REZ (damn I love that game) and I honestly am unsure what to make of this one, but those visuals made purchase it. It's on it's way down now.

I honestly don't consider REZ a rhythm game either, It's a shooter above all else but your shots add to the music in a very pleasing way. This game just seems like a VERY hard Rhythm Heaven styled game but with more lenient timing but beats not always syncing up to the music.

I look at REZ as a mix actually. It has rhythm elements to it tat enhances the action parts. But I admit it's several years since I last played it.

Thu May 18 17 04:01pm
Rating: 1

There's definitely an interesting discussion to be had. I definitely find this to be more of a rhythm game than Rez. It has the same Parappa mechanic of Simon Says for certain portions. You hear the booms/claps on the track ahead, and they you repeat them for panels on the ground and turns.

Some of the stages certainly make playing to the rhythm challenging, as they change up stuff to half-beats and a main melody as well. On top of that, there are certain sections I would play with my eyes closed due to knowing the pattern/rhythm.

I downloaded it today (well, technically yesterday) and just tried it out a bit. Beat the first boss. It's definatly a rhythm game in it's basic mechanics and you really need a LOT ofsound (with lots of bass) for this game. I can see myself playing a lot.

But yeah, it's more a rhythm game than not.

I dont feel like paying 30$ for this...the poor value of the Canadian dollar makes gaming ridiculously expensive... I would love to get Disgaea too but its 90$. For reference if you work at minimum wage in Canada this is about 1/4 of what you earn in a 40 hours week of work.

For reference if you work at minimum wage in Canada this is about 1/4 of what you earn in a 40 hours week of work.

Yeah, our dollar is crap, if prices were lower though people from the US would flock to the CAN store since it would be cheaper for them.

If working a minimum wage job, affording a video game is the least of their troubles unless the person is in school.

Usually prices don't change with the exchange rate, at least not quickly. If the Canadian dollar were stronger we'd probably still be paying $80 for games, and then it would actually be more than what Americans pay after conversion.

Usually prices don't change with the exchange rate, at least not quickly.

Somewhat yes, when our dollar was at par, or hovering around it, prices were at par with US, 59.99 etc. When the dollar dropped, even down to 85c prices rose quickly, however then it went back up and prices still stayed the same for the most part. So pricing can change, however there needs to be stability in the currency for it to do so.

I will be buying thus. Looks like a trip and a half!


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