NPD April 2017 - Nintendo Switch was the month's best-selling hardware, followed by NES Classic

The following comes from NPD Group analyst Mat Piscatella...

“Nintendo owned the top 2 platforms in unit sales for the month, with the Nintendo Switch at No. 1, followed by NES Classic.''

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Thu May 18 17 07:30pm
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Nintendo spat on nobody, even metaphorically. Your anger is misplaced.

It is just baffling why they stopped making them isn't it?

Wow even when it was discontinued it still sold a lot. I wasn't able to get one, but I will try to be prepared for the SNES mini.

Please don't. We really need to unite and NOT buy these things when Nintendo spits on their customers like this. I know its a good idea, I really do. But there is no excuse for this.

I'll still buy it because others are slow, if you want one, try harder next time. I get what you mean with Nintendo not making enough, but this won't change easily, meaning if you really wanted one, you would try harder to get the new SNES counterpart.

Thu May 18 17 07:28pm
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I don't even know how to respond to this.

"try harder?"

I don't need to try at all, there are resources to game the system out there if you know what your doing.

But that shouldn't be the case. Its a major product from a major company that knew there was and still is a demand for their product. And how do the fans respond when the company will probably do it again.

"Try harder"

Shame on you.

Well we don't really know why they discontinued it. It could be that they decided to prioritize Switch shipments considering they had to fly them over (and it is still supply constrained). People were also using the NES it as an emulator and dumping ROMs on it. Basically they were probably different factors that lead to them discontinuing it. I do think they were dumb in doing so, but I honestly don't believe they would just discontinue it, losing lots of money for no good reason. If they do the same thing with the SNES mini, then it is inexcusable since they should be prepared by then.

Thu May 18 17 07:30pm
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Nintendo spat on nobody, even metaphorically. Your anger is misplaced.

Thu May 18 17 08:10pm
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Nintendo created a product a lot of people wanted and only met a fraction of the demand. They didn't allow preorders and stopped making them when they knew full-well that more people want them. It created the ideal scenario for scalpers. Nintendo is not innocent in all this.

I don't agree with his philosophy on punishing Nintendo by not buying stuff like this. But at the very least I suggest not paying scalpers for it. Let them keep their $400 NES Classics listed and unsold on eBay.

Fri May 19 17 08:30am
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That might be true, but analyst suggest that nintendo is making 0 profit on the nes mini. That is only a marketing campaign.... If that is true you get why they made so few of them. Also, it was supossed to be a limited-run product

Nintendo created a product a lot of people wanted and only met a fraction of the demand.
You just described anything that's limited edition.

Thu May 18 17 07:45pm
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I like my Switch but I still want one Nintendo.

think it's safe to say now that Nintendo is back in action. Now let's see them big hits for 17, Ninty!

And I find it funny that the NES Mini/Classic is more wanted these days than an actual NES :D

Honestly the ones most hurt by discontinuing the NES Classic are Nintendo themselves. They were selling out, and likely making money on it. Since they bungled the planning/shipments of it, they lost out on potential money. Hopefully the SNES Mini is planned better if anything (that's more what I was looking forward to anyways), but we'll see.

I doubt it. Nintendo knows what they're doing. If it was selling really well, they would have simply ordered more shipments.
But they did not. Why?

It stands to reason that they had more to lose by selling than not selling. Sounds weird, and they're not telling us the reason (nor are they obligated to), but that's the way it is for a business. If you're losing money or potential money, you stop selling.

If the NES Classic was indeed only breaking even, it may have pushed the product into the red to ramp up production. Nintendo probably decided its resources were better spent on Switch.

Fri May 19 17 10:53am
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Well yeh if ramping up production was going to lose them money, that means the product wasn't planned to be anything more than a stop-gap until Switch and they underestimated the popularity. That's fine, but it's a loss of potential revenue. Key word is potential. Like you said however, if their planning didn't allow for that without losing money, the best option may have been to just discontinue the project instead and focus on Switch. If they make a SNES classic, I hope they plan for it to be a higher quantity/longer-selling item than the NES classic. We'll see though.

I believe that the NES mini was always planned to be a novelty, limited-run product. As with any collector's item, there are always going to be a few (in this case, a lot) who are upset that they've missed out. Nintendo set themselves up for future success by limiting and stopping the production of this item, and I think that it was a smart move on their part. "Leave 'em wanting more", as they say.

You can bet that it will be re-released at a future date, likely a few years down the road.

Agreed! It was a novelty thing.

People seem to forget that Nintendo's next step after the Wii U is not the Mini, but the Switch. All focus on that now. Which is completely understandable.

Thu May 18 17 08:34pm
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I'm super excited for the SNES Mini. I hope it's real and I would get one day 1.

Fri May 19 17 02:06pm
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Me too! I am just concerned that the selection of games would be very, very limited to only Nintendo offerings. It's funny to say this now, but the SNES was home to the best selection of third party games ever to grace a Nintendo system. I'd say Nintendo itself was outshined on that console. So it's a shame if we don't see Chrono Trigger, or Final Fantasy, Megaman, Castlevania, Harvest Moon, etc.

Fri May 19 17 03:34pm
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unless you do your manufacturing in-house you can't just phone up and ask for more. usually there is an option on the manufacturing contract to raise or lower production but that option costs money upfront because the factory has other jobs lined up after so they have to somehow absorb the extra demand on their plant. If they want another complete run then they have to negotiate that and it can take time for the factory to tool up.
As well it costs money to manufacture so as a business you have to look at the opportunity cost of that money. will they get more return on their investment making new minis or by diverting that money in making or advertising the switch? I'm almost positive that was the reasoning.

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