Make a Date with De Mambo’s Release Date on Nintendo Switch

The Dangerous Kitchen are finally ready to announce the release date of their magnum opus—which isn’t because it’s their best work, but because it’s their only work—De Mambo, launching worldwide on Nintendo Switch™ June 29th.

The first smashing game on Nintendo Switch™ will launch with three modes; ‘Mambo’ the 2-4 player multiplayer dance of death; ‘Solo’ the salivating single-player gameplay extravaganza; and ‘Survival’ the 1-4 player co-op mode where survival is the name of the game… literally!

BitSummit De Mambo

De Mambo will once again be clutched by Nintendo, and potentially taken against its will across the Pacific Ocean to Kyoto, Japan for A 5th of BitSummit. De Mambo will be part of Nintendo’s Nindie booth on 20-21st May with the first public appearance of ‘Survival Mode’.


One Button Action – easy to learn, hard to master gameplay designed to use one action button and a D-Pad/keys for movement
Mambo Multiplayer – roughhouse up to four of your friends/enemies in ‘Mambo’
Loser Rail – the feature designed to give you a second chance, for those of you not good enough to win
Flimsy Architecture – breakable environment for reactive gameplay
Solo Single Player Mode - A flawless lone-wolf mode where you climb a tower of gameplay
Survival Mode - Don't let the invaders from space breach your personal space in this hardcore mode
Miniature American flags for some

Release date and platform

Release Date: 29th June 2017 worldwide (on Nintendo Switch™)
Price: TBD
Platform: In development for Nintendo Switch™, PS Vita, PS4, PC, Mac

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