Minecraft: Switch Edition - PS4 Graphics Comparison, Frame-Rate Test, Docked/Portable Comparison

Ultimately, there are obvious shortcomings on Switch, both in resolution and draw distance - but fact is it's the most adaptable version of the game out there. On top of the drop-in, drop-out local multiplayer which debuted on Xbox 360, 4J Studios now has Minecraft make an equally easy transition from a console experience to handheld. That comes with visual compromise, but the end result still hangs together well. Of course, a full 1080p mode while docked would help - but the question is whether performance would be further compromised with such an upgrade. But as things stand, 4J has delivered - this is almost everything you could want from Minecraft in one 'play anywhere' package.

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On the bright side, Minecraft was never a game that was known for it's graphics, it is strange to see the Switch version play at a lower rate than the Wii U version however, at least when playing in off tv mode.

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