Cat Quest - latest trailer, details

Cat Quest is a 2D open world RPG with the exploration of Skyrim, but set in the visual style of an overworld. This is a fantasy world that asks the question of how different it would be if cats lived in it instead of humans!
Go to places like the Catpital where the Lion King rules, or experience delicacies like the catnip pie! Talk to the locals, some already on their 7th or 8th lives(what? not all cats have nine lives y'know), and go on a catventure through a world you've never seen before!

Your beloved sister is snatched from you by Drakoth, the master of dragons and the last of the ancient "Dragonblood". To rescue your sister, you begin an epic journey that will not only help you discover what truly lies in yourself, but also what it takes to be the hero that saves the world.

Explore a massive world filled with dungeons, monsters and interesting things to find! Most of the game will take place in the overworld, but you can go inside caves and dungeons to explore for loot too.

Combat is entirely real time, and you will be able to get in close to attack your foes, or stay at a distance and lob spells. It's also purrfectly balanced for both controller and keyboard/mouse too.

There will be a Main Quest line as well as a whole host of Side Quests for players to do. You will be able to find armor and weapons from dungeons, and you can upgrade those weapons too. The spells you learn on your catventure can also be upgraded to become more powerful!

You'll also be able to collect many different armors, each with their own stats, and all of them upgradeable! Gear will also come in different rarities...Legendaries being one of them.

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