Fire Emblem devs want to improve growth rates in future Fire Emblem titles, talk Mila's Turnwheel mechanic

The following comes from a USGamer interview with Nintendo's Kenta Nakanishi...

"One of the things we want to improve on in the future is the growth rate of the characters. We changed the growth rate by two times or three times from the original; but we've heard feedback that it wasn't enough, so that's something we will keep in mind for the future.

In Fire Emblem Echoes the characters can become many different characters from villager to mercenary to archer, and we thought this was what we could do at the most. But perhaps there's more room to consider more options in the future."

The following comes from director Toshiyuki Kusakihara...

We introduced Mila's Turnwheel because we wanted to make the simulation part interesting. In a lot of the past titles there have been moments where you would get stuck or make mistakes and have to reset, but Mila's Turnwheel definitely alleviates that frustration, and I think it works well. But as for Mila's Turnwheel specifically, I think it would determine the theme of the game we would work on."

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fred duck
Fri May 19 17 09:16pm
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Growth rate??

Hey, brain-dead developers. Instead of making up funny messages for characters to express how disappointed they are when they level up and get ZERO TO ONE attribute points, why not take out the dud level ups entirely?

I think the only way to get the point across to those complete idiots would be to gather the design heads in an office and tell them they've earned a pay raise, then...have a number of cards face down, upon which most have ¥0 written on them. Allow them to select a random pay raise card and voila, the STUPID thing will be removed from the next game.

Growth Rate means the chance of the stat increasing by one level when levelling up. Its a thing that FE fanbase has coined up with.

I don't know what you mean't by the last post but that kinda sounds insulting.

To be fair, thre is something they could do. Yeah, it's a percentage chance, but they could actually reroll when you get a zero stat up. Now, there is the issue of characters having maxed all stats and having low growth rates on other stats. That could create a long loop of rerolls. Then, what you can do is is you haven't been able to raise any stats at all, you ignore growth rates, and a few stats just increase randomly. A lot of people used the bonus EXP feature in Radiant Dawn to great effect. Using Bonus EXP randomly raised 3 stats, always. So if you nearly maxed out your stats, you could ensure that you could raise stats with low growth rates.

Ane easy is to therefore go:

If you get zero stats up calculation -> change calculation method, randomly increase 3 stats from your list

With this, you remove all problems of a frustratingly bad level up. It keeps some fo the random aspect but it does remove some fo the frustration of terrible non-levels.

I'm not suggesting any huge modification. Right now, they have three types of level ups: 0-1, normal, and bonus. Just get rid of the 0-1. :}

Yeah, but in order to do that, you need to create an algorithm that doesn't use the random percentage system. Say a unit has a 5% growth in resistance... If you use a simple reroll algorithm, it might take many rerolls to get that 5% proc. It might mean that the game will simply slow down during level ups because it is taking time for it to get the proc. Otherwise, it could freeze the game altogether.

Not as insulting as getting no stat bonuses when leveling up. It's not like you get an infinite amount of level ups. Yet they've kept that stupid thing in the series. The only things it does is frustrate players and encourage save scumming. Last I checked, real developers aim for neither of those things.

Ia ctually like to have less skill and class options. it makes characters more special.

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