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Rime - 9
Puyo Puyo Tetris - 8

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Sat May 20 17 01:54pm
Rating: 1

Nice to see Rime get such a good score. I don't always agree with them (as with any outlet), but Edge does a good job of resisting score inflation and never gives high scores without a reason, so this does something to alleviate my worry that Rime wouldn't be "inspired by" Zelda and Ico so much as "derivative of".


Still not sure about this game though. Would be nice with a demo actually.

Puyo puyo is actually pretty fun. Def agree with an 8 there.

This game suffers from NoMan'sSky-itis! We have seen ZERO gameplay for it, nobody knows what this is like and what the player does and we need the reviews and the gameplay videos after the release. No Man's Sky also got some amazing reviews before the release and guess what! They were the first reviews released.

Even if this is EDGE... The more "harsh" a medium appears, the easiest would be to approach them to boost a score. After that, they are all humans and they might cave and not care for their image. So why not do it?


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