Fan-made Switch commercial highlights the platform's portability

That's one hell of a fan-made commercial. Nintendo should reach out to this person and see about working with them on something official!

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That was actually pretty cool. I was nervous for him while skydiving...I thought he was gonna drop the Switch!

Mon May 22 17 07:43pm
Rating: 2

So you were actually nervous for the Switch, not him ;)

Well, he presumably had a parachute. The Switch didn't!

Good point. Noted! (Minimum 20...)

Haha, well when you put it that way!

Also, it was only fitting Link was paragliding in BOTW during that part.


But, yeah. That he was paragliding at the time was a bit funny Smile

t has some potential, this commercial, but I am far from amazed. Found you caring more for the Switch than the guy more amuzing Smile

Mon May 22 17 08:17pm
Rating: 1

The acting was a little cheesy but the editing was REALLY good.

Donkey Kong Country confirmed for Switch, folks! Smile

That was pretty cool! ...But what was with the banana. And that yellow guy?

He didn't wash his hands so that pretty much ruined the rest of the video for me

I get that the two guys are supposed to be DK and Diddy, but why is one of the Daft Punk robots hanging out with them?

moral of the story, monkeys and robots can co-exist... i think....

I got Diddy, but I didn't get DK. Then who's the girl supposed to be? Candy? Dixie?

"I didn't get DK"

The red tie the camera is wearing (you can see it briefly when he bends down at the beginning and during the skydiving bit) gives it away.

"Then who's the girl supposed to be? Candy? Dixie?"

Could be either one; they both wear light pink like her jacket.

I interpreted it as Dixie since the video is mostly DKC2-themed (instruction manual, Bramble Scramble footage, the music) and Candy is not in the SNES version of that.

Solid reasoning. I missed the tie when first watching

Nintendo can do well with an ad like this. Hats off to these guys for doing such a good job.

Someone needs to re-cut the "Believer" commercial, and insert the skydiving part into it.


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