Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has been rated in Brazil

Just incase you're still on the fence when it comes to this one being real, this should be the final nail in the coffin. The game has received an official Brazilian rating. It is indeed coming, and you can bet we'll see the reveal trailer come E3 2017.

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Thu May 25 17 01:48pm
Rating: 9

Because the Rabbids are one of the most obnoxious, offensively unfunny, lowest common denominator gutter trash creations that the game's industry has ever shat out, that's why.

Thu May 25 17 01:45pm
Rating: 2

I'm genuinely curious about this game... It seems like it could be pretty fun! I really don't understand all the laments on the internet about this game...

Thu May 25 17 01:48pm
Rating: 9

Because the Rabbids are one of the most obnoxious, offensively unfunny, lowest common denominator gutter trash creations that the game's industry has ever shat out, that's why.

Thu May 25 17 01:49pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Laments? Because "Ubicrap and the Rabbids suck" I'd assume.

I do agree that the Rabbids are a bit annoying... and it's weird that they are the playable ones instead of Rayman and friends.

Thu May 25 17 01:51pm
Rating: 2

The sheer existence of Rabbids is why... Probably the only reason why. Those bastards are aweful.

I mean, I am still sinking in this being reality, sort of expected Rayman and Mario teaming up to clean house of a Rabbids infestation. Sort of satisfying idea there, it's like a metaphor for deleting all their terribad games off a Nintendo console.

Thu May 25 17 04:35pm
Rating: 1

I've been pretty depressed about this game. Why in the hell did they choose the Rabbids over Rayman? I understand the Rabbids had their uptick in popularity over Rayman during the Wii days, but now they are no more popular than Rayman these days.

If any of Ubi's I.P. needed this kind of game, it was Rayman. I doubt this game would've received the same backlash if the Rayman cast were the stars along with Mario and friends.

God. Just imagine if a Rabbid was chosen over Rayman for Smash Bros. I'm frightened. And sad. Sad

Knowing Ubisoft, we'd have three different Rabbids, one maybe even dressed like a ninja turtle!

Mario with a Mega Buster. Peach officially being described as a "bad-ass Princess". I'm curious to see where this goes.

What is the ESRB equivalent of this rating? Also, does that mean that it will be out sometime this year? If it is getting ratings, that means that it is done right?

  • The game is aiming for a PEGI 7+ rating in Europe according to internal documents, which is basically an E10+.
  • Planned for a August or September launch this year, according to those same documents.
  • Pretty much, yeah.

If it's scheduled fpr an estimated August release, it should be going gold sometime in June. So ratings may be cropping up everywhere soon.

Thu May 25 17 01:56pm
(Updated 1 time)

This confirms its existence, but I still have serious doubts about the potential quality, considering Ubisoft's and the Rabbids franchise track record.

I'd be willing to give it a shot if they can manage to prove that it's a fun game, but I'm not holding my breath for it. Let's hope for the best.

The rabbids aren't my favorite, but I don't hate them as much as some others seem to. I even sometimes laugh when they "Bwaaaaaaaaaah!!!!" .... even sometimes when I'm completely expecting it.

I get that many things Rabbids are annoying. But look at it this way.

Samus was very annoying in Other M, right? But people love Samus. Rabbids are not automatically annoying. In this game, they can be quite charing and not at all as noisy.

Rabbids have garnered a reputation comparable to the Minions because of how obnoxious they seem. That won't go away anytime soon even if they remove all the annoying traits people perceive.

Yeah, I do understand the Minion comparisons, though I personally do like the Rabbids more. They are a bit more... likeable, though not sure how to explain. But while people of course dislikes Rabbids for being loud and annoying and all that, but they, like all characters, can be likeable in the right game, and in this game they MAY be likeable. Sure, there will be some 'bwaa' and such, but if that means we'll get a Rabbid Waluigi going "Bwaaaaluigi!" then it is all worth it, right? ^^

The people who hate the Rabbids franchise for the Rabbids themselves won't get this game no matter what.
If the game ends up being rubbish I'd still buy a Mario Rabbid plush/amiibo if available.

Most likely, yeah, but hopefully a good trailer and fun gameplay might convince SOME, at least. ^^ I really hope this gets a good official reveal.

And I really do want some plushies out of this~

Ubisoft doesn't have the best reputation on when it comes to delivering what they promise on advertising.
I'm waiting for hands-on videos and opinions.

Thu May 25 17 03:09pm
Rating: 1

My hopes that this is an elaborate hoax is being quickly torn asunder.

I don't get what people mean with the "Ubisoft's track record"... As far as I know, the vast majority of their recent games are very good.

Thu May 25 17 06:56pm
Rating: 1

Gamers get pretty weird sometimes about the existence of products that do not appeal to them.

Rabbids are the minions of the games industry, but they came first. And I feel they inspired minions.

They are at least better than minions as they have their own charm. I'll get the game, might even get a few laughs out of it as they might poke fun of a few Mario things. I feel it's too soon to hate on the game before we see anything.

I'm interested in this one. I would also like for a possible Rabbids Go Home on Virtual Console soon.

A grim reminder that Ubisoft will rather make this kind of games rather than a sequel to Beyond Good and Evil or a new 3D Rayman game.

They are making BG&E2, though....

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