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GameStop - "Not even close" to catching up with Switch demand at this point

by rawmeatcowboy
25 May 2017
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Coming from GameStop CFO Rob Lloyd...

"We are all veterans of the Wii launch. The fact that this is ahead of the Wii launch is significant."

The following comes from GameStop company chief, Tony Bartel...

"Literally we have the product sold before they hit our warehouse. But we haven’t seen supply even come close to catching demand at this point. The form factor of the games lends itself very well to a trade-in model. So we anticipate there will be a high percentage of trades for these games. I’d say the Switch, just like the Wii did, is driving a lot of new innovation. So in the next year I think you’ll see growth in new games.

A lot of it (the hardware trade-ins towards Switch), the majority of it, is next-gen hardware. We have obviously a lot of Wii Us coming in, and thats predominantly the console traded towards it."