Fan-made ARMS game sees release

Arms2d is a 2d fan demake of Nintendo's upcoming game, Arms (my fan game is not endorsed in any way by Nintendo) While Nintendo's game is a complex over-the-shoulder fighting game, my simple fan project is a free-for-all Super Smash Bros. style beat-em-up.

What does Arms have that Arms2d doesn't have?

Arms2d has one set of gloves - Arms has a bunch of different gloves that takes the strategy of the game to a whole new level
Arms2d only has one stage - Arms has many unique stages
Arms2d only has one game mode - Arms has quite a few really interesting game modes
Arms2d doesn't have online multiplayer - Arms has online multiplayer with some really awesome features
Arms2d has some simple pixel art characters - Arms has intricately designed and highly detailed 3d models
Arms2d is a simple game made by a fan - Arms is an incredible looking game made by one of the greatest video game companies of all time

So, if Arms2d is so terrible, why should I play it?

Arms2d is publicly available right now, Arms isn't.
You can play with up to 4 people locally on your own PC using a keyboard and mouse or gamepad.
Or you can play against some AI controlled characters
Arms2d doesn't cost any money
I personally think that Arms2d is actually kind of fun despite the fact that the real Arms is way better
If nothing else, I hope this game is a fun little distraction that keeps you occupied until the real Arms is released.

Grab the download here

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Uh oh. This could destroy the real thing.

I'm 100% certain that people will just play this and ignore the real thing. Because that's how it works with all fan games. Obviously.

Takedown notice followed by Internet out cry in 3... 2... 1...

haha from the GIFs, the game looks funny; LOL the spritework; even the crowd animates, and look at Twintelle's hair!
They should include something like a little 8-bit mini game in ARMS while a match/level loads like how they did it with Splatoon.

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