Suda51 on why he chose Switch for Travis Touchdown's revival, general excitement for Switch

A portion of a SourceGaming interview with Suda51

SG: You recently announced No More Heroes 3 for the Switch. Was there a particular feature of the Switch that inspired you to return to this series?

S51: The Switch has a lot of cool features. It really reminded me of when I first heard of the Wii and decided to bring No More Heroes out for that system. That’s why I decided to go with the Switch for ‘No More Heroes 3’. It also seemed like a good place to revive Travis Touchdown. The game is not necessarily called ‘No More Heroes 3’, we haven’t made the title official or anything, but in general, that’s why I chose the Switch.

SG: What are your thoughts on the Switch in general, now that it’s been out for about three months?

S51: When I first heard about the Switch, I thought “I like this hardware, I hope it’s successful,” and it’s actually turned out to be more successful than I expected. Also, you’ve got a great game in Zelda that came out for it and that really raised the bar for other games in the future. In general, I hope the Switch is successful and I’m excited to be making a game for it.

Full interview here

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I get that people really hope it's NMH3, but he's made it clear it's not NMH3. I'd love a NMH3, but this isn't gonna be it. Maybe if it does well, we could see it, but who knows.

Fri May 26 17 04:35pm
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I suspect that in the end it will be called "NMH3" for marketing reasons, but you're right in that he seems to be trying to temper expectations that this game will be like the first two.

Fri May 26 17 11:57pm
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"The game is not necessarily called ‘No More Heroes 3’, we haven’t made the title official or anything"

It could go either way at this point. He's not saying. Suda is a troll, which adds to his appeal.

That could be very true. Lmao. Make it seem like it's not NMH3, then go "Oh, yeah, it's NMH3" would be pretty funny.

That's what I'm wishing for. Smile


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