Inside sources claim Nintendo boosted Switch production to 18 million units for the fiscal year

- Nintendo has ordered a production increase for Switch
- planned production hike is to meet demand ahead of the Thanksgiving and Christmas sales peak
- increased production was ordered just weeks after launch
- now targeting Switch hardware production of 18m units for the 12 months ending March 2018
- some analysts believe Nintendo is being intentionally conservative in its guidance & say it will produce up to 20m consoles
- Nintendo may be constrained in its effort to ramp up production by the availability of key components
- Hosiden, one of Nintendo’s key component suppliers, have surged to a seven-year high
- some analysts suggest Nintendo is using the shortage as a marketing ploy, while others say they miscalculated demand
- Kazunori Ito, analyst at research firm Ibbotson Association Japan, believes Switch will sell 80m units over its lifetime

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Marketing ploys are figuring out ways sales have broken records based on different time tables and then reporting it to the world to generate hype.

Underproduction based on miscalculated demand is based on cost benefit analysis that people are payed a lot of money to perform.

People who confuse these two things need to stop. You sound like an idiot.

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