RUMOR - Retailer listing points to Pokken Tournament port for Switch

Looks like Pokken Tournament has a shot at releasing on Switch. Japanese retailer Sinobi had posted a listing for an arcade stick for Switch, with the listing stating that the stick could be used for games like Pokken Tournament. The listing has now disappeared completely. Was it a listing in error, or was it a leak?


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They should totally just re-release all Wii U titles on Switch, because as we all know "Nobody bought a Wii U".

They should totally just re-release all Wii U titles on Switch, because as we all know "Nobody bought a Wii U".

I suspect anything that can utilize the Joy Cond will be greatly considered to port. Especially if they're multiplayer games that can use the set packaged with the Switch.

Mario Sports and Smash are also ones I wouldn't be surprised about getting ports.

Tue May 30 17 10:07am
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I don't agree fully with this, but I think Yoshi's Woolly World deserves way more reception and play. Granted, there's the 3DS one, but..not sure people bought it. I'd LOVE to see a port of that game, or at least a pure sequel, on the Switch.

At the same time, it'd be a bit of a shame if the Wii-U had no big exclusive titles for itself. I get that having games available on more platforms is good and all, but I still like it when consoles gets to keep some games for itself, at least for quite a while. Gives them more identity. Nowdays, consoles and their games feels so allover the place.

That's just me, though. I at least hope Mario Maker stays on Wii-U, and that we'll simply gets a nice Sequel. Super Mario Maker 2 would be perfect with having both Mario and Luigi on the cover. Since, you know, 2, heh.

I am sure slopes, co-op, and loads of new items and enemies would make it quite a awesome sequel.

Oh I was mostly being sarcastic/facetious.

That was part of the joke though. I'd far rather see them do sequels, or totally new/different games, than to just port over Wii U lazily "because a lot of people missed out on them".

Ah. My bad. Sarcasm is hard online. XD

But yeah, I would not say it is always lazy, since some titles were the biggest Nintendo has made in said franchises (Smash, Mario Kart, etc), so, I get those. But yeah, games like Mario Maker and whatnot, I very much prefer to get sequels for.

Looks like that "listing" just made the PT port rumors more substantial.

Crap. And I just beat the game on Wii U a few months ago. It's going to suck have to play through most of the entire single player to reunlock Mewtwo again on Switch. If the rumor is totally true that is.

They could do like they did with MK: almost everything is unlocked at the start.

Was the stock the Hori real arcade pro? That's the best stick around IMO and I know they had a small announcement a few weeks back but they changed plans once Madcatz went bankrupt to rush tekken sticks to market

Well they did reveal a couple of characters for this game and I still want to play this..... so why not. It has pretty good visuals and it's Pokémon Smile
If there are more games being ported from the Wii U to the Switch, I hope that all of them are treated like MK8 Deluxe and have them come with new content in it, so it can be less of a reason for the "fanboys" to not yell 'traitors' at Nin, for giving people games, that not a lot of people played, because they didn't have a Wii U. Pretty excited to see what will happen

Hopefully it comes to pass. I've been holding out on buying the Wii U game in the hopes of a Switch port.

As long as I can use my Pokkén controller with the game I'm down for this! Include all the characters exclusive to the arcade version and some other bonuses as well and I'm sold!

While I regret purchasing a Wii U because let's face it most of it's exclusives have been ported or are being ported to other consoles. I wouldn't mind rebuying these 4 games IF they got the MK8: Deluxe treatment.

Super Mario Maker: Add slopes, more stage themes, more power-ups, enemies, Luigi, etc.

Pokken Tournament: Only one out of the 4 I didnt play/buy. Include all of the arcade characters as well as new characters.

Super Smash Bros.: Obvious one. Combine both Wii U and 3DS versions into one version. Update Smash Run make it so we can see other players and make it online. Add new stages (Splatoon, Breath of the Wild, Arms stage) and add like 3 new characters (dont really care who at this point given up hope that K.Rool will ever be playable)

Hyrule Warriors: Just include all the DLC. I didnt't get to experience any of the Legends characters as my Wii U broke sent it for repair got lost in the mail so I sold all my Wii U games before the Legends DLC hit. Also was not gonna get the crappy 3DS version due to performance issues and the fact that I hate playing on that tiny bad resolution screen.

While ports and quick and easy, I'd rather they just give us sequels to all of those, except Smash. A deluxe version of smash would be understandable.

Well in a way Fire Emblem Warriors is a sequel to Hyrule Warriors in a sense. Pokken has plenty of unreleased arcade content that could be added to flesh it out. Also Mario Maker could get a sequel but where do they go? They have all 4 of the art styles/play styles of the past games . I guess Super Mario Land and Super Mario Bros. 2? I doubt they will make Super Mario 3D Maker. So IMO they might as well just treat Mario Maker as a platform and just continue adding to it.

Pokken Tournament makes a lot of sense mostly because the Wii U version never received all of the updates the arcade got. As such, it'd finally be a way to play all the new content outside of the arcade.


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