Beenox remains quiet on bringing Call of Duty to Switch, does confirm involvement with the franchise

Is Beenox bringing Call of Duty: World War II to Switch? If they are, they can't talk about it just yet. When a Beenox employee was asked about their project and if it involved a Switch release for Call of Duty: World War II, they said they couldn't answer due to NDA. They did confirm that they're involved with the Call of Duty franchise, and left things at that. Thanks to Snorth93 for the heads up!


That sounds like a confirmation to me honestly. He would've just said "Can't talk about anything at this time" or flat out "no" But no he said "I've signed a NDA"

The COD servers on the Wii are still up and running so it would be a little surprising if they didn't release at least one COD on Switch.

are you serious? after all this time?

As of a few weeks ago Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, and COD4 Modern Warfare Reflex Edition all still work. Activision made their own servers instead of going through GameSpy for those three. GoldenEye still works too but will die whenever Nintendo fully kills their Wii servers b/c it uses them to authenticate the game. No clue why they've kept them going but you can still play people if you want.

Wed May 31 17 06:33am
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