Pokemon Direct: June 6th, 2017 - live-stream/blog

- Pokken Tournament Deluxe coming to Switch, due out Sept. 22nd
- includes 5 new Pokemon
- ranked, friendly and group match for online play
- starting June 13th, there will be a playable demo
- will be showcased during Treehouse Live and and Invitational event at E3 as well
- Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon offer an alternate story
- include Pokemon not found in the original
- Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon coming to 3DS
- Pokemon Gold/Silver version coming to 3DS VC, due out Sept. 22nd


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The STARS were not aligned it seems

Tue Jun 06 17 10:09am
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Woo Pokken!

Tue Jun 06 17 10:10am
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Well that was terrible, so glad I stayed up past midnight to watch it.

What was the point of not just announcing that stuff in the E3 direct?

No one made you stay up that late. That's you fault. It wasn't terrible.

I may end up getting Pokken Deluxe since I never got around to it on Wii U. A little dissapointed Ultra Sun & Moon are not Stars, but I believe the a "Stars" type game for Switch may still come. Seems Nintendo is really trying to milk whatever life the 3DS has left.

Tue Jun 06 17 10:11am
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That literal Bait and Switch... Pokemon UltraSun and Pokemon UltraMoon for 3DS, eh.

WAIT. They're actually releasing the main games Worldwide Day 1 again?! #Hype

After 'Grey', 'Z' and 'Stars', I think we all need to not get attached to codenames, cos three times [null] is the charm methinks xD

Start of this was purely awful. I'm all for a fun tease here and there but that was just plain not nice!

That was underwhelming. If I never owned Pokken Tournament I would be more excited, but I am one of those 13 million install base that already owned the game on the Wii U. Not even excited for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon..

I knew Pokken would get a Switch port and I don't mind getting it as I never owned the original Wii U game. So that's something....overall these were pretty boring announcements.

Not even 10 minutes long.

Pokken announcement is pretty cool since it contains new characters from the Arcade versions (I think), though I feel bad for Wii U owners who probably won't get them.

Gold and Silver re-releases are pretty cool, but still nothing amazingly awesome.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon just seems... disappointing. Same map, 'alternate story' and some new mons. That doesn't really seem that enticing at all.

Well third version of games are exactly that: same map, alternate story and some new mons( most like new forms and alolan pokemon not actual new pokemon). My problem is that its a third version cut in two... at least b2/W2 were sequels but US and UM are just third versions cut in two it seems.

Never really looked at it like that but once again GF reinventing sequel/3rd versions. Cause we know GF made 3rd versions of mainline pokemon games since R/B to D/P. From that point they deviate with a sequel with number, no sequel or 3rd version for X/Y but for SM they went the route with no sequel but 3rd version of old but multiply it like the original games.

This kinda play as the original 3rd version and split version of old but incorporates version sequel split of B/W. Duality of old with a dash last handheld gen 3rd game release versions of their own.

Why No Crystal on the VC?

NOOOOOOO *eats crow* really why just on the 3DS ughh. Well goodbye Eurogamer and its STARS rumor is now dead.

At least we get Pokken on the Switch. I will still get Ultra Sun, but ugh.

Cuz it's money for old rope. Don't buy it if you don't support lazy cash grabs like this.

I have been with the series since Red/Blue/Yellow, and there has never been a third game version that was not worth it for me. They tend to improve the story, new pokemon forms/new features/new competitive changes and add post-game content.

I get why others would not buy it tho, its why third version of games don't sell as well. It is essentially the same game at its core.

I knew that the game that was being developed wasn't pokemon "stars". When gamefreak said that they were developing a game for the switch everyone jumped on the rumor train and said "Stars confirmed"... I think they wont release anything like that on the short term.

The STARS were not aligned it seems

Oh, man: classic! Quippy personage.

Tue Jun 06 17 10:14am
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Definitely called Pokken Tournament re-release. But expected a 2018 release since the atcades were still being updated til October.

So this means, if Rabbids is real and scheduled at August, Nintendo has literally 1 game teleased every month since launch through Summer. That's damn impressive.

Welp Pokken Tournament is another port to cross off the list. Smash Bros, Mario Maker, and Hyrule Warriors are the only viable Wii U ports I see coming. Also 3 invitational tournaments from Nintendo this year. Pokken, Arms, and Splatoon 2. Crazy how e-sport obsessed Nintendo is being with Switch. No wonder Nintendo is charging for online now with all these online enabled games.

What about DKC Tropical Freeze? Or Bayonetta 2?

I doubt Tropical Freeze will get a port honestly. I see a new DKC coming to Switch (probably from Retro) eventually. As for Bayonetta 2...I could only see it getting ported if Platinum decides to make a 3rd game. Do it the same way they did with the first one when 2 came out.

Well I would say Bayonetta 1-2 should be ported t Switch. SO man people who jumped over the U can finally gte their hands on Bayo 2 (it ain't going o non-Nintendo consoles after all).

Did people seriously think we would get a Pokemon Switch announced from an 8 minnute Direct?

Pokken with extra Pokemons for Switch is a nice thing. Hope they don't waste the E3 Direct's time with it though. Like wit Spla2n and ARMS we already had dedicated DIrects Smile

The time of the direct did not matter. Pokemon Sun/Moon were announced on a 6 minute direct and that game was a new Pokemon generation. It was mostly due to Eurogamer rumors about Stars and they were so confident it in being true. The fact that they got the Switch design before it was revealed gave hopes that they were right. And welp that didn't happening. I was at least hoping it would be a cross-compatible game (a 3ds and Switch version), but that didnt happen.

I didn't get Pokken on Wii U so I am happy its on Switch, but I know many people aren't happy about that.

Well, not the first EG rumour to not hold any water. And the Pokemon Company or Game Freaks have said they want Pokemon to be on handhelds. Yeah, the Switch is a hybrid, but to me it's mostly a home cobsole I can take on the go. Anyway, STARS might exist, or any ither mainline Pokemon game for Switch. Might just not be ready. Let them milk the 3DS one last time and maybe Poke NS will be reveiled next year or later. The Switch is out just three months, remember.

I am happy to see Pokken coming to Switch. Will be nice with Smash 4 and Bayonetta 1-2 ( with Bayonetta amiibo support) and Mario Maker when they hit ;)

E3 should be for new games though.

I mean... if we all remember... that job listing for a computer graphic design guy to creat Pokémon models in HD happened only a few months ago... the next Pokémon game will probably be on switch, announced in June 2018
Let's keep this hype train rolling

That could be for anything from pokemon go to arcade games. There is no real weight for the rumors of a proper swtich pokemon game

Hmmmm... you took my sarcasm seriously... my fault, really.

Exactly. And as I just mentioned to Kuro, the Switch is just three month old.

E3 should have some surprises also. It does/will have a oretty stellar and, importantly, unique line-up with exclusives.

Its over for these rumormongers on Twitter, they can't recover from this.

But this is a third version, just a third version split in two. The fact that Solgaleo and Lunala have Necrozma armor and the fact that it is not a sequel but an "alternative story" implies its a third version split in two. I guess B2/W2 being two games worked well for them.

In that sense yeah it is but I meant in the way of a Gray, Z, and "Stars" that people keep expecting. Namewise I guess. You know, the way the release formula used to be.

Oh I see. Well to be fair it was mostly Eurogamer that got everyone hoping for Stars due to how there previous Switch rumors have been correct. I am guessing third versions will now be split in two since b2/w2 did good ( and more money for them).

They were in a way correct about there being a new version of Sun/Moon for release in 2017. They get half a cookie for that. lol

If there's one thing that safe to say going forward, that might be it. Plenty people out there that will buy both versions. I know I'm guilty of that with B2/W2.

I have a complete Pokedex (finally) on Sun except for yet to be released Pokemon like Marshadow. Hope they aren't released exclusively for Ultra Sun/Moon.

Seems like Solgaleo and Lunala are getting new forms

Tue Jun 06 17 10:31am
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People are gonna piss that it's not Pokémon star or a remake of gen 4. I guess that's what happens when you let rumors and hype cloud your mind.

All in all, not bad. Not a fan of gen 4 so no remake doesn't bothers me, Pokken port was a given, and in all honesty I would rather them make a new gen for the switch then just make a port.

I am happy about gold and sliver re-release.

Jeeez y'all are some whiney babies. Happy about all three of these announcements.

Whiney babies isn't the correct term, disappointed fans is better. I am one of those disappointed fans, I already owned Pokken Tournament so this does nothing for me. To those who haven't played it, then I say get it day one. Pokémon G/S virtual games was expected honestly (again not interested) and Pokémon US and UM is cool but feeling meh since it's on 3DS. Most fans would have wanted that game as a Switch Version. I know 3DS is still a money maker for Big N, but fans like myself have been waiting for a very long time to finally see a true Pokémon game on a Home Console.

Sorry, but "Most" fans will still lack a Switch, and will be glad it's coming to 3DS as they won't miss out. I mean, most of my friends playing Pokemon were pissed they had to buy a 3DS to play X/Y because there wasn't a DS version (some didn't even get the game because of this).

I knew if a main line Pokémon game was coming out it would have definitely been on the 3DS due to the install base alone. I would have like if Pokémon US and UM was on the 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Had that been the case, way more people would have been overjoy. That's all.

Eh, the first game they release on new hardware is always a spinoff... like Pokemon Dash.

Major difference there - X and Y released well into the 3DS's THIRD year. People here were expecting a full fledged Pokemon in the Switch's first 6 months..

Yeah, which is quite overly optimistic looking at the precedents.

Tue Jun 06 17 10:37am
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This was great news to me. I was so close to picking up Pokken on Wii U; glad I didn't. Really looking forward to having this on Switch.

Tue Jun 06 17 10:48am
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The people who are disappointed clearly don't know how the Pokémon release cycle usually goes.
Emerald, Black and White 2, and now Ultra SM have all came out after the release of Nintendo's next handheld system.

Personally, I'm stoked for the announcements, but it's silly to see so many people whine about how Game Freak does business when it's always been that way.

A lot of entitled people in the livestream chat got REALLY upset about the lack of Stars. Though honestly, I'm disappointed it's not on Switch, but I'm more upset about it not being a N3DS exclusive since it would take advantage of the power. Still nowhere near as upset/angry as the chat room though.

I'll only buy these if they're as good as BW2 and if they don't cut the national dex again. Super excited for Pokken switch and Silver VC though, but sad that Crystal is skipped (maybe due to the phone building in JPN crystal?)

Probably the only thing I'm excited is Gold/Silver coming to Virtual Console.

Will Ultra fix the horrid fps? If so I wouldn't mind replaying it again, because really that would make me buy it personally.

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