Capcom secures trademark for Monster Hunter World

What is Monster Hunter World? We have no idea, by Capcom has grabbed a trademark for it. A new title in the series? A localized name for Monster Hunter XX Switch? A title not even coming to Nintendo platforms? I have a feeling we'll have our answers next week. Thanks to Brian for the heads up!

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This could be the rumoured MH5 for the PS4.

Fri Jun 09 17 07:38pm
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When was that a rumor, besides old school MH fanboys desperately wanting it to return to PS4? (I wouldn't care if it were true as I do have a PS4, but I highly doubt it has any truth behind it)

Considering Monster Hunter excels on handhelds, they'd be silly to publish it on PS4 at this point when the Switch is the ideal system for the series and makes it considerably more marketable to both Japan (which prefers handhelds) and the west (which prefers home consoles).

If it's NOT a localization of MHXX, then the only other thing it could be is a western release of Monster Hunter Online... which I really doubt we're getting.

"Monster Hunter World" Seems like a great follow-up to Generations though, so I'm betting on it being localized MHXX.

Edit: I wasn't taking into the spin-off Frontier series into this post, which is certainly a viable possibility but I don't know why they'd need to change the name for a western release unless there were some sort of issues.

Some internet searches say late last year, back when Switch was still called NX. As is the nature of rumors, I can't find hard evidence, but the gist of it was MH5 was coming to PS4, would not actually be titled "Monster Hunter 5", and would be open world and more "western" (whatever that means). Fans of the rumor will likely be flying their flag with this.

Given Capcom's recent track record I wouldn't be entirely surprised if it does happen but... I'm leaning towards no right now, because it does not make sense from a business standpoint. Monster Hunter titles sold more copies on Nintendo systems than PlayStation (with a smaller install base), it sells more portable (once again, with a smaller install base), and it's one of Capcom's few current cash cows. I'd see no reason why they wouldn't stick with Nintendo and handhelds, no reason they'd wanna change format (to open world) as the current format sells great and they've kept it since the first title, and no reason they would hurry to make it HD (they've recycled the same models for Gog knows how long).

Seems like a new Monster Hunter to me.

I think it's the one exclusive to PS4.

It doesn't sound like a localized MHXX to me, I don't think they'd drop the "Generations" part since MHXX is an expansion and not a brand new game.

I think it could be related to their theme park stuff? I understand they have a partnership with Universal Studios Japan.

Theme park??? That'd be cool. :-p

Sat Jun 10 17 03:12am
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"What is Monster Hunter World?"

Capcom and Westone giving us the Monster Hunter x Wonder Boy crossover we always wanted but never knew until now.

Damn. I'm much less excited about Monster Hunter XX after seeing Monster Hunter World. I wonder what the chances are that it'll be revealed as also coming to Switch during the digital event tomorrow?

"I wonder what the chances are that it'll be revealed as also coming to Switch during the digital event tomorrow?"

Slim and none:

Hmm... I can't deny how spot on that first post was. WEELLL this sucks for anybody wanting a portable, new HD monster hunter.

I also keep getting conflicting reports on Monster Hunter World that it's more of a spinoff title instead of MH5. I mean.. it looked pretty Monster Hunter to me (as long as you allow the possibility of MH5 evolving a bit instead of cookie-cutter of previous MH). Some people are even swearing it's single-player... which I'm pretty sure it has 4 player online co-op (I mean, I thought the flare ending was enough indication of that...)

"I also keep getting conflicting reports on Monster Hunter World that it's more of a spinoff title instead of MH5"

Since it seems like a semi-reboot for the west, it might be that they decided in the last couple months (all three of those posts were from last year) that it could be an easier pitch to new-comers who skipped out on the previous entries to drop the 5 titling.

Could also be that they want to hedge and wait until World's sales come in. If it does well, call it mainline; if it bombs, then just say it was a spin-off.

Regardless, today made me a believer of that particular leak. Evidently we live in a world where people young enough to use 4chan are now old enough to be in the position (or to have friends in the position) to spill super-sensitive info on stuff like this.

That's very likely. I'm just so surprised that this game announcement would be so polarizing.

Tue Jun 13 17 03:12am
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I can understand being apprehensive about the announcement to an extent. HD, open world, and monster interactions have the potential to be really cool evolutions on the formula, but imo the game will live or die on how good the combat is, and the quick flashes we got were not really enough for me to get a sense of it.


Tue Jun 13 17 03:14am
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I'd be surprised if XX Switch localization isn't there tomorrow in 9 hours.

mh5 contract specifically forbids switch release but doesn't care about xbox or pc

Sounds like every 3rd party developer/publisher is using the same exact contract. HEYOO!!


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