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I like how the 'Features' section is just the first paragraph copied and pasted again in two parts.

this isn't coming out until 2019, is it

I can't wait for this. Nintendo, FINALLY! Took bloody long enough, but I'm thrilled about this!

Tue Jun 13 17 02:54pm
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What we know fact sheet:

-It is a video game

Don't get too cocky now! ;) Just remember we did NOT see a CGI trailer.

Very curious to see if this will capture the feel of Prime without Retro. Either way, I'm excited to find out.

Tue Jun 13 17 02:57pm
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I'm betting the game's final name's gonna be different, I mean it will be Metroid Prime of course, but I'm convinced they'll drop the 4.

Anyway, looking forward to playing this! ...in 2020 :P

"Developer: Nintendo"

Should we take this to mean it's internal or is this just a placeholder?

Tue Jun 13 17 03:14pm
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But it's a new talented development team though

Holiday 2018 is my guess for a release date.
We won't see it again until E3 2018. I'm still super hyped about all the Metroid news today.

I don't care when this comes out. Just the fact that a new Metroid in style of Prime is coming at some point is good enough for me

Tue Jun 13 17 03:05pm
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Sounds like it's not Retro to me.
EDIT: Earlier story seemingly says this is the case.

So wait.... we STILL don't know what Retro is working on!?!?? (Assuming MP:4 is not done by them)

Well, it makes it clear that is a new IP they're working on at last. I bet it's something Open World.

I really hope we'll learn what they are doing during the next treehous live... they have been working without releasing anything for way too long. A bad sign.

Tue Jun 13 17 03:11pm
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So now let's hope Retro isn't working on another 2D Donkey Kong.

Retro got their start with Metroid Prime and looks like Nintendo is trying to do it again with another unknown developer with Metroid Prime..

If Prime 4 is well received and sells well I could see Nintendo making this new team a new 2nd party developer. We need more 2nd party developers!

I may be reading too far into this, but are they alluding that the "Metroid Prime Universe" is different from the "Metroid Universe"? As in two different canons?

It was clearly established from the beginning that the Prime series takes place between Metroid 1 and 2. So while a side-series, it is canon.

So they're pulling a Halo 4 here when that game got handed over to 343 Studios.

On the one hand, this could mean Retro IS working on a new IP like I want them to.

On the other hand, who the hell knows who this new dev team is, or if they'll be able to make the same quality of game.

And just like that Nintendo breaks the internet.

I don't know why, but I would´ve felt more comfortable with Retro taking this project instead of Tanabe San. I´m scared since Tanabe made Federation Force, hopefully I´m just being silly and the game turns out freaking amazing.

Tanabe produced Prime 2 and 3 and co-produced Prime.

I understand that, what I mean is I trust Retro more than I do Tanabe at the moment. His pet project is to blame.
Retro has just been perfect so far.

Tue Jun 13 17 05:03pm
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I think the new Metroid for 3DS looks awesome. But it will be hard for this new team to blow away everybody with a new Prime HD game like the original Prime blew us away in the very beginning of this... millennium xD They might really need to rethink and polish up everything and keep digging until the game is playing is revolutionary again : )

Yeah makes me wonder what Retro Studios is working on o_ O ...maybe a Kid Icarus reboot?


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