Yoshi Switch uses Unreal Engine 4

Well, Nintendo really was serious about utilizing Unreal Engine 4. I wonder how many other Nintendo titles are going to take advantage of the engine.

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What!? Was not expecting a Nintendo game to use a 3rd party game engine. Don't know how I feel about that..

Why does it matter? If the quality of the game isn't compromised why does it matter what engine or middleware is used?

It just goes to show how highly esteemed Unreal Engine is! ;)

Mario Odissey is powered by Unreal4 too. If it means time gained not developing a new game engine for each new game & faster game producing, I'm all for it!!!

The Metroid Prime games were made on a modified Unreal Engine 2.

Nintendo using Unreal tech is nothing new.

Tue Jun 13 17 05:06pm
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