Chao will not be featured in Sonic Forces

If you were hoping for a return of the Chao in Sonic Forces, we have some bad news. Sonic Team has confirmed that the creatures will not make a return for the new game. No reason for their non-appearance was given.

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Give me Chao Garden or give me death.

I've gotta be honest, I grew up with Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 on the Dreamcast, and to this day I still don't get the appeal of Chao Gardens.
This is also coming from a dude who obsesses over raising Pokemon, mind.


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Expected but still Sad Me and my younger sis spent like 50 hours with them in SA2 [Dreamcast]

Thu Jun 15 17 06:36pm
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Back in the days of Sonic Adventure, people complained non-stop about any playstyle other than Sonic.

Yet somehow raising those little turds was apparently the most fun thing ever. I'll never understand.

Thu Jun 15 17 07:24pm
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Instead they bring back stuff no one asked for, like that red guy from Sonic Lost World.

Instead of asking sub-modes from former titles, why not ask said sub-modes to be converted into their own separate full game instead? With the right enhancements, it many not come out as hard as it seems to be...

but Chaos is a Chao, tho


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