Nintendo says they've learned from the NES Classic, talk licensing, not focusing on VR at the moment

Coming from a TechCrunch interview with Nintendo's Doug Bowser...

On learning from the NES Classic

“We’ve learned a lot from the NES Classic. The NES Classic was originally intended to be a holiday item and obviously there was high demand. So we doubled down and continued to produce it as we went into the next quarter. But we decided we wanted to focus on other areas. So we’re not producing any more at this point. But we’ve learned a lot.”

On getting Nintendo properties infront of people through various means

“We’ve got a strategy where we want to increase the number and frequency of touch points with Nintendo properties with consumers. We’re doing that in a couple of ways. First, the console business with the Switch — through our dedicated console platform. We’re also doing our mobile business. We’re doing it through licensing agreements, such as the Vans deal or the Uniqlo deal that we did this year. And we’re doing it with out of door experiential opportunities, such as Universal Studios.”

Not focusing on VR at the moment

“There’s obviously some VR opportunity on the floor. For us, that’s not our focus right now, but we always look at opportunities and where we can take gaming experience further. But we have nothing more to announce right now.”

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Fri Jun 16 17 04:54am
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MAKE MORE SYSTEMS! simple as that.

and release the snes classic NEXT YEAR give them a 2 year cycle FFS where is your flexibility?

I think a major part of that has to be the tech similar companies are competing for that the Switch and NES classic have.

Nintendo learning lessons? Where have I heard that before... Oh yeah, after every system launch and retrospective.

VR is practically already dead, so it's no biggy. I was never a fan and kinda figured it would go the way of the 3D TV soon.

Just pretend on social media that everyone who wants the NES Classic doesn't exist. That seems to be working for the Monster Hunter social media team in favour of their new Monster Hunter -based software product.

Same could be said of MH3U, and Generations, and MH4...

I wish more companies would just own their mistake rather. I'd respect that more than wishy washy PR spin

Fri Jun 16 17 05:15pm
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Your asking for a lot. PR employees are specially hired to spin stories around. For instances, back were I used to live there was this problem with a mayor harassing female workers and then settling things out of court. He used to held press conference with a female PR manager and she try justifying all the gross things the mayor did. Those people have almost no soul. But I bet Doug Bowser should be a little more happy working for Nintendo rather than EA. Nintendo should be easier than handling EA's messes.

Kudos to the person setting these props behing him..!
Somebody could tell me which controller is it that was used to tie up Mario and Luigi? I don't seem to recognize it... I would say GC, but what should be the c-stick seems flat.

Sat Jun 17 17 03:56am
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It's definitely the GC controller. The flat c-stick is likely an illusion due to the image quality

For the 'SNES classic" WAIT TILL THERE ARE MORE DAMN NAND CHIPS (or what-ever chip shortage it is) BEFORE you release the system.

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