Metroid Prime 4 a "first person adventure", Pokemon Switch a "traditional find, battle, train" game, says Nintendo

The following comes from Reggie Fils-Aime...

- Metroid Prime 4 will be "a first-person adventure"
- Pokemon Switch title will be "a traditional find, battle, train type experience"

Not really surprising information, but good to have confirmation on both. I imagine it's going to be quite some time until we see either of these!

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Sun Jun 18 17 12:25pm
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Why the Hell would I want Retro Studios become Prime studios?

Traditional Pokemon? Great. GameFREAK is gonna lock Pokemon Switch to be playable in handheld mode only. TV play not allowed. =/

You people are all forgetting the N64 Transfer Pack. We've played mainline Pokémon games on the big screen 17 years ago!

Or used the Super Game Boy on SNES or the Game Boy Advance player on Gamecube. lol

Right you are! Part of me hopes we can play with a fancy Pokémon border when in TV mode. XD

Tue Jun 20 17 04:26pm
(Updated 1 time)

The main Pokemon series haven't been playable on TVs since the third generation since both DS and 3DS had no video outputs (Nintendo never even made a respective DS and 3DS player either) and GameFREAK had no interest in making a mainline game that would only be playable on TVs.

I can see GF coding Pokemon Switch to only work in Switch handheld/tabletop modes and disable the HDMI out port to prevent TV play. =/

I do get the fear, Gamefreak can definitely be... stubborn. But there's no way Nintendo would allow them to make a mainline Pokémon game, which is one of Nintendo's most iconic and best-selling IPs, that doesn't use the Switch's main feature and selling point. I actually think they might make pretty good use of the hardware, minigames using the motion controls (optional), like making Pokémon foods. Remember stirring the poffins? Anyway, TV play will DEFINITELY be there. Smile

But there's no way Nintendo would allow them to make a mainline Pokémon game, which is one of Nintendo's most iconic and best-selling IPs, that doesn't use the Switch's main feature and selling point.

Just like how all mainline Pokémon games for the 3DS made great use of 3D, its main feature and selling point? Sorry, I couldn't help it. xD

I actually agree with you, it'd be incredibly surprising and nonsensical if they don't allow TV mode. Buuuuuut this is GameFreak we're talking about so who knows.

he said the same about pokemon XD, making me realize he really has no clue of the products he is selling (along with other people at nintendo ie yamauchi but at least he never pretended he knew)

now the question remains...why was retro taken off Prime?

They weren't taken off. Most of the people that did the Prime trilogy left Retro, some of which went on to develop Halo games over at Bungie. Retro is a completely different company with many different employers than it was in the Prime days. Also, some folks over at Retro have admitted in interviews they disliked working on the Prime games, and they'd not want to go back to the franchise.

Sun Jun 18 17 12:13pm
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still, there are experienced developers in there, well versed in the design of prime, it would be easiest for them to make it.

then again, prime 3 was not as good as the other two, they fell for the wiimote FPS trap and they made some mistakes (ie endlessly respawing enemies in some places)

we need a back to basics approach with a prime game more japanese than its predecessors were...

Do not agree with any of that.

Sun Jun 18 17 04:31pm
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The Wiimote FPS trap? You mean the infinitely superior controls to the original or that dated dual analog nonsense?

That's not a trap, the wiimote pointer was genuine innovation, and a few finicky gesture based motions aside, Prime 3 was friggin' brilliant.

I mean that the 3rd one had a larger emphasis on shooting than exploring and that was not good for the consistency of the series. They really wanted to use this new tech to make it a bit more like a shooter.

as for the actual pointer controls for FPS...after a lot of consideration and testing...no it's not a better alternative to dual analog. The standard wiimote tech is not enough to accommodate for out of range controls and I know no shooters (red steel 2 was barely a shooter) that use motion plus for better aiming and it's just too...sensitive for long sessions. This is why we never got to see wiiu FPS supporting wiimotes.

Sun Jun 18 17 05:51pm
(Updated 6 times)

Yeah, we did actually, COD Blops2 and Ghosts both had stellar wiimote controls, In fact for as bad a game as it is, Ghosts has the single most flawless use of Wiimote aiming the controller ever offered.

The real reason we saw no wiimote shooters other than these is because almost no one supports a peripheral that isn't the de-facto standard interface for, or bundled with, a console.

Also I couldn't disagree with you less, after my own very extensive testing, yes, they are objectively superior to dual analog, a limited, dated legacy control scheme that is pretty much the most non-immersive, resrictive and limited method of playing a shooter. The Wiimote was immediate, and as precise as your coordination let you be when programmed right, it was the closest you could get on a console to a proper, mouse-like experience. Dual analog is lazy and games that use it almost always contain aim assist features specifically to make up for the lack of real precise control.

Sun Jun 18 17 06:05pm
(Updated 2 times)

yeah I used to support that same thing but long sessions are too tiresome and at the end of the day, dual analog controls do not hinder gameplay like it should have done so in theory. Even the PS3 had support for a few FPS but shortly abandoned the whole endeavor.

so motion controls did not catch on. If they were as good as advertised by some, there would have at least been some support on newer games, even if the controllers were not in the box. (100M Wiis were enough to just find one laying around) and if they are brought back, a far better tech will be required. But currently, the motion controls on the switch are being used on nonsense...with no one really interested in making an FPS supporting them.

there has got to be a reason behind all this you know...

Sun Jun 18 17 06:10pm
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Devs aren't supporting them because people are lazy. Skyward Sword failed because people are lazy. So many people never even think to just rest your arms against your thighs when aiming with a wiimote... people fought the controls instead of understanding them.

I could play for hours without issue, and emulating the wii on PC with a real wiimote as I'm doing today, there's still really no comparison to an analog setup, it's downright depressing to me that this scheme has died.

You can't really say no one is interested in pointer like control on Switch yet, there aren't any shooters on it other than Splatoon... and it actually happens to have gyroscopic aiming controls that when held in split joycon mode, seem to function a lot like a wiimote did.

" because people are lazy"

people make what they THINK it will sell. The value proposition of the wiimote for FPS had niche appeal and that was enough to just drop the entire concept. Lazy has nothing to do with anything especially since schedules are tight and careful resource management is required.

and I did try nearly all of the Wii's FPS games. I really tried to like this setup, then I just realized its pointless. But if it worked for you, well done! It just did not work for a significant percentage of gamers though.

Sun Jun 18 17 12:25pm
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Why the Hell would I want Retro Studios become Prime studios?

because they made the other 3. (ie spyro and crash got changed quite a bit and I am sure both companies would want to have kept that IP had they had the chance to do so)

the problem is...retro have not announced ANYTHING since tropical freeze, which was essentially the cutting room floor of DKCR and this is not really good news for anyone. The company may be dwindling, helping out on other projects and slowly being closed down.

Sun Jun 18 17 01:41pm
(Updated 1 time)

And why do you suspect dwindling workforce within Retro? What has been the actual red flag?

Cause working on other projects and not announcing anything at E3 isn't exactly evident enough to say that. Or else Monolithsoft would be in that concern as well cause they worked on music in a variety of other games and last worked on LoZ.

And no, because they made the other 3 is the reason I don't want them near Metroid again, let alone become Prime Studios and make annual Primes because they made them "good."

they have not made a game for AAAGES. That is a red flag to me.

Didn't know that 4 years is ages now. I must be absolutely worthless with time. Guess they should make annual Prime games, wouldn't want people to start worrying months later.

Yeah man... and going one whole console without a new game? That's a dead franchise right there!

Sun Jun 18 17 05:39pm
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it took them 3 years to make DKCR and there were quite a few unfinished concepts and ideas that went into the less impressive and shorter sequel. That took another 4 years and that game was co developed by monster games! Then you get support on other games and...NOTHING. If you do not see the problem, there is nothing else I can do.

Sun Jun 18 17 05:52pm
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"there is nothing else I can do."

Wasn't aware you viewed me as some mindless peasant and you're some self-appointed messiah to teach your "lessons" as a truth unchallenged.

Easier to make a game with recycled assets (Prime 2 and 3, DKCTF) than to make something from scratch. Especially if your parent company forces you to move whatever project onto a new system. But hey, what do I know? I am just some peasant who didn't think Metroid was dead, Switch momentum is strong, and Retro Studios isn't showing signs of being closed. Must be horrendous being 1up Studios, always suspecting to be closed every financial meeting.

Sun Jun 18 17 05:59pm
(Updated 1 time)

interesting to bring up 1up studios, the company had a strong DS support only to...co develop games during the last decade. So yeah it is not uncommon for smaller companies to be absorbed into bigger ones, especially since they can not survive on their own.

as for retro, it is pretty obvious more people were employed during the MP trilogy than they are now. So they took 3 years to make a game from scratch and FOUR years to make its sequel with used assets AND the help of another company...and then only support roles. Can not be more blatant really.

Clearly you posting is enough evidence of these claims, so obviously asking to provide evidence would be foolish. Wouldn't want to question the lengthy distance between "support" they released in the DS. Also 100 chefs on one pot make amazing soup instantly.

Cannot wait to see when EAD is "on its deathknell" in a year.

Mon Jun 19 17 04:56am
(Updated 1 time)

my posting is commenting on the publicly available numbers. 1up has 30 employees, retro has 120 (133 on linked in)...120 people and NO games developed the numbers do not add up and NO ONE just pays all these people to do nothing so something is either false information or its just plain wrong

Nintendo themselves have also had problems when switching to HD. Pikmin 3 got delayed due to HD being more difficult and expensive to produce, the number of in house games has significantly gone down since the Wii era. Just have a look at the actual list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_Entertainment_Analysis_%26_Development

check the distance between each release and account for remakes (that are far easier to make) and you will see nintendo releases are dwindling. The company are slowly changing their business model (with merchandise/theme parks/mobile outsourcing diversifying their risk after the wiiu bomb)

It's good that Metroid Prime 4 will be a first-person adventure game like the other Metroid Prime games.

Not for me then (Pokemon), but that's ok. I know that plenty of people love it Smile

That's interesting! Is there a reason you're not into a mainline Pokémon game on Switch?

I have never tried a Pokemon game, to be honest. But the "find, battle, train" gameplay he's describing never had any appeal for me. But not just Pokemon, Monster Hunter as well. Too bad but I prefer (action) adventure / story driven games by far.

I see, that's fair. At first I thought you weren't interested in a mainline Pokémon game on the Switch specifically, but now I understand you're just not into mainline Pokémon games in general

but I prefer (action) adventure / story driven games by far.

I actually dislike Pokémon Sun and Moon because it's a completely story driven game.

I might wanna check it out then :D

Watch as Metroid Prime 4 is released and the franchise "dies" again when there is no announcement of a Metroid Prime 5.

When they show the Metroid Prime 4 trailer in a year or two, they should tease the title screen or Metroid Prime 5.

By that time Metroid would die! AGAIN!

I think the pessimism is getting a bit ridiculous.

Sun Jun 18 17 04:47pm
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People were screaming 'Metroid is dead' because it got a spin-off on the 3DS and skipped the Wii U... as if that was the worst any franchise has been forced to endure... the pessimism had gotten way past ridiculous a long time ago...

Seems like they just started working on MP4 and I'm afraid we won't be seeing it for another couples years T_T

Nice to get MP4, now what in the world is Retro working on ?

Sun Jun 18 17 09:48pm
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According to people who are in the know with their uncle being Miyamoto's coffee mug; They're dead.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought they were employing people left and right just a couple months ago?

Game companies go through those spikes often, technically. Generally around conception of a piece and when artwork needs to be added to the game.

I hope Metroid can crawl in either of these new games.

Hahaha thank you for that

Yep, that Pokemon wording seems rather suspicious. It is not being named "THE" next traditional pokemon RPG adventure, but as "A" traditional pokemon RPG experience, which brings back memories of how Pokemon XD was teased as an entirely different beast from Colosseum, instead of the by the numbers sequel it ended up being.

Only time will tell.


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