My Nintendo Store sells out of Switch in 6 minutes

Nintendo is taking a different approach to stocking the Switch on their My Nintendo Store. This time, they didn't give any advance notice of the system being stocked. Perhaps they were thinking this would help people have a better chance at getting one, instead of giving people a time and having them crash the website.

Well, it seems to have had an opposite effect, as this time around the Switch sold out in 6 minutes. That seems to be a new record for the site!

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This strikes me as weird, since I'm seeing the Switch available in more and more brick and mortar stores. The Walmart across from where I work had nine units with neon Joy-cons available. If folks are this eager to to buy, it's not all that hard to find one these days.


Fixed that whole thing for you.

The Switch quickly sold out? No way! What, next you're going to tell me that big ball of fire in the sky is a star?

According to flat Earthers it's not....

Tue Jun 20 17 05:36am
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Those are people who also probably think that it's easy to get a Switch. :D

Of course. Being hard to find a Switch is just another NASA lie, like space.

This won't last forever. If they put a large stock out, it probably won't sell out.

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