ARMS devs have lots of lore planned, game could see even more new content if its popular enough

A portion of a Glixel interview with Producer Kosuke Yabuki and art director Masaaki Ishikawa...

G: You're adding more too, right? Will you just keep adding for as long as the game is popular?

Kosuke Yabuki: Yes, we're adding more. We have a specific number in mind, but we're keeping that secret for now. That said, if Arms is still very popular after all those characters have been rolled out and people are still playing it after all that time and they want more characters – I'll definitely think about it.

G: Is there a backstory to the game? Are you going to explore the lore in more detail somewhere other than the game like Overwatch does?

Kosuke Yabuki: We're doing a bit of that right now. So far it's only happening on Japanese social media, but it's starting to provide some background on where the arm abilities come from, and we've started to talk about why people have stretchy arms in the game. That's the kind of thing we're creating to bring a greater sense of reality to the game. We're hoping to do a lot more of that as time goes on. That said – if you really want to know why they have stretchy arms? The real answer is: because Nintendo.

Masaaki Ishikawa: The most important thing for us is that it's more fun if the arms extend. So that's what we did. We are preparing a proper background story though. Don't worry.

G: When you're designing the characters, are you thinking of a story? Does that live somewhere and we just haven't been exposed to it? Or does the gameplay come first and you worry about that stuff later?

Kosuke Yabuki: He thinks about it a lot.

Masaaki Ishikawa: It's a matter of priorities. Fun is more important than anything. The setting and the story has be fun too, but has to be subordinate. I'm thinking about backgrounds and stories, but if it gets in the way of the game – it has to take a back seat. We have a lot of fans that really get into the lore of the game. That's a powerful thing.

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Mon Jun 19 17 03:36pm
Rating: 4

"because Nintendo" is a really good answer.

Mon Jun 19 17 03:36pm
Rating: 4

"because Nintendo" is a really good answer.

"Because Nintendo" needs to be the next "thanks, Obama". Great phrase.

I'd like a (co-oppable) story mode DLC down the line!

Going the Overwatch route sounds good to me!

I wait for all the DLC is released before i buy the game. I don't like my games released in pieces.

Anime shorts please. Also please release an artbook for ARMS.

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