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This guy's attitude and personality completely ruins everything.

being a collector myself, he is right in what he says, but if I were him, I would probably be a bit more diplomatic like other collectors that have made youtube videos.

I am happy with my 40 retail game collection (the wiiu was never supposed to be the first console anyway so many of its multiplatforms are cheaper everywhere else) and there are few games I am still looking for provided I can find them cheap enough and another 58 digital (excluding virtual console) some of which I should have got for other consoles instead (ie the cave)

Mon Jun 19 17 04:47pm
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These days, it seems like video gaming has overtaken sports collectibles as a the dominant culture that celebrates mindless spending as something to admire and aspire to, as if it directly correlated with how big a fan one is. I don’t think buying every game a system has to offer makes you a “Nintendo fan,” it makes you a zealot with misplaced priorities and a warped sense of what constitutes fandom. It’s like buying every DVD ever released (even if every movie ever released was good—and they’re not—there’s no way you’ll watch them all) because you “love DVD.” This guy even acknowledges that some games aren’t anything special… so why buy it, then? What is the value in buying and hoarding things you don’t enjoy? Sure, some people might Like (and even Subscribe!), but… is that it?

He doesn’t even have boxes for his digital-only releases, how am I supposed to tell how hardcore a gamer he is? /s

I nearly had the same response to this kind of thing about posters of one's fandom. However, I can refute owning a game that wasn't "that good."

I cannot speak for anyone else, but I do own over 350 GCN games when I went through college. A lot of them aged terribly, or just weren't good to begin with. Why did I buy them? Well, for most of them I play them and analyze them. What made them bad? Would it have been better with a month more work? Was this concept simply doomed to fail? And I enjoy that out of them, makes me take a loong hard look at gaming now and watch the atmosphere evolve around it. It grants a level of perspective when you ask yourself these questions if you genuinely play bad games.

Mon Jun 19 17 04:56pm
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Rugrats sheets about :03 in...Tells me just about all I need to know.

For me, as a big collector, I just like having a room full of everything gaming. Games and statues and collectables and special editions and etc, of all the different franchises of the games that makes me happy. Like, a Museum or something, a celebration of gaming as a whole. I want at least one big/noticable figure/statue of every franchise that has one, to properly showcase gaming as a whole, of every genre. I do not go for any complete set of games, but I buy a few games that I do not care THAT much about for a good price, if I feel it is worthy of being part of my personal celebration.

I just love walking around and looking at this wide, rich, and very old history of Video Gaming. Ever growing.

It's sad to see him invest so much on a already-dead console

Most likely started years ago before it died.
Shows you how dead the Wii U was when it had a total of 160+ physical titles released. Not counting digital titles, but still that's a weak line-up.

Mon Jun 19 17 09:03pm
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Even more sad when someone thinks a two-screen console gimmick has potential when first showed

He should have waited until the Wii U is hacked. That way, he actually doesn't have to buy even the console itself plus others

Okay, dude I get it.

may i also remind people that this is what was said about the wii? The word gimmick was thrown around a few too many times in the wii's first 3 years.

and yes the console HAD potential. Nintendo had a terrible model (deciding to move from blue ocean back to red ocean was catastrophic especially since there was not enough power inside the console to support this) and even nintendo themselves did not utilize the console's strengths deciding to pull the plug early.

Guys a bit of a tool, but nice for him to have the full collection I suppose.

I have a friend with a nearly complete US NES collection, and all I can ever say to her is "That's neat, how much did it cost?" not trying to be snarky with her either, I'm genuinely curious and she can never remember.

Wow look at all those games that have been ported or being ported to 3DS and Switch! It's like owning a Wii U never mattered....

i feel like that every time i look at pokken tourney, smash 4, and mario kart 8.

Ports or not, wasn't like it mattered anyway.

Mon Jun 19 17 06:23pm
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Looking at the comments, I don't even want to watch this video.

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